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that should not be neglected on the way to the smt production workshop
PCB News
that should not be neglected on the way to the smt production workshop

that should not be neglected on the way to the smt production workshop


What are the precautions that should not be neglected on the way to the smt production workshop
It takes the hard work and effort of countless people from all over the company to build a plant from new construction to trial operation and production planning. At present, in most electronic factories, the smt production link is undoubtedly very important, especially in the smt production workshop planning, there are some non-negligible attention items that need our team personnel to pay attention to, so as to avoid small losses. as a result of.
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Then, the relevant technical personnel of PCB company conduct a detailed analysis of this most important issue:

1. How to place the fire extinguisher in the smt production workshop?

At that time, not only workshops such as smt production need to consider the placement of fire extinguishers, but almost all corresponding companies and workshops cannot ignore this problem. Regarding the placement of fire extinguishers, there are clear instructions in the fire protection regulations. Our staff need to place them next to the column or around the workshop. Only in this way can they be dealt with in the event of a fire and prevent problems before they occur.


2. Where should the material preparation table be placed during smt production?

What is material preparation? As the name suggests, it refers to the material preparation work during the entire process of smt production and the related work before model switching. In order to ensure the high efficiency of the entire smt production work, it is best to place the material preparation table near the placement machine. When conditions permit, it is best to place the material preparation table and the material rack cart together. The purpose is to improve the high efficiency of material replacement, the staff is handy, and the production rate of smt production will inevitably have a qualitative leap. The increase in volume.

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3. How to place auxiliary tools in smt production?


The production of smt is a technical activity. For example, the entire work process is equipped with first-line technicians and engineers, who can have a professional foundation for R&D work and after-sales processing. The prerequisite for ensuring the efficient work of these workers is inseparable from the placement of auxiliary tools in the smt production process. Here is a professional term-the small table of the printing station, which is used to place auxiliary tools such as solder paste, alcohol, wipe paper, etc., and the purpose is also to facilitate access and improve efficiency.


4. What to put solder paste?


Since we mentioned auxiliary tools in the above work, we have to mention solder paste. For example, Boyuan Electronics has specially set up refrigerators, reheating cabinets, mixers, etc. for storing solder paste. Generally, these devices are placed next to the column or a fixed area of the workshop. The staff will be trained and explained before each operation. Inform, it is more convenient for the staff to pick and place.


5. Setting of maintenance area in smt production workshop.


After the above work is completed, a semi-finished product can be considered as the emergence of the times, and the subsequent visual inspection and repair work is extremely important. In order to facilitate this work, it is best to place a small table behind the furnace, not only to ensure the stability of smt production, but also to make it more efficient.

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6. Are there any rules for the placement of stencils during smt production?
This problem is a problem that many people who have just entered the industry will mention. PCB production is not accomplished overnight. On the contrary, every process is interlocked. To solve this problem, it is necessary to set up a screen placement area, including storage cabinets, inspection tools, washing machines, cleaning and tension checking of the screen, etc. The purpose of this is also for the convenience of picking and placing the screen during production.
Maybe some friends will feel that smt production is really a very tedious job after reading this sample. To tell you this responsibly, we are professional, and this tedious and delicate work is foreshadowing, and that's it. The reason for this has allowed customers to achieve close to 100% satisfaction, which can ensure that every customer can rest assured after choosing us. If you have more information, please contact us online or call us.