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How can I quickly complete the professional PCBA proofing work?
PCB News
How can I quickly complete the professional PCBA proofing work?

How can I quickly complete the professional PCBA proofing work?


How can I quickly complete the professional PCBA proofing work?
  With the rapid development of domestic mobile phones, computers and other electronic equipment parts in China, professional electronic equipment processing companies have also ushered in a sharp increase in their orders. This is undoubtedly a great thing for electronic equipment processing companies. . However, in order to ensure the accuracy of the order, professional PCBA proofing work must be done before mass production. However, PCBA proofing work also requires a complete process, and it also takes a certain amount of time to complete. So, is there any way to reduce the PCBA proofing time? The answer is yes, as long as the processing enterprises arrange and do some detailed work reasonably, it is still possible to effectively reduce the PCBA proofing time.

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  1. Don't waste time on time outside of PCBA proofing work

  For electronic processing companies, it is a very common thing to have an urgent proofing order when executing an order. Therefore, when an urgent order appears, you must remain calm and calm, don't mess up your mind, and don't waste time. At times other than urgent orders. After confirming the urgent order, carefully and confidently read the PCBA proofing contract and documents as soon as possible, and be familiar with the details of the entire proofing. At the same time, prepare the relevant materials and arrange the proofing personnel in the first time. When two or three shifts are required due to a tight schedule, the attendance and shifts of the work should be arranged reasonably to avoid the failure of the proofing work due to personnel arrangements.

  2. To achieve the ultimate specification for the PCBA proofing work plan


  The first job of professional PCBA proofing processing companies after receiving an order is often to strictly regulate the plan of the entire PCBA proofing work, reduce the detours that occur during processing, and do it in one go, thus greatly shortening the time of proofing, for example, when conducting proofing. Time engineers will clearly specify the size of the reserved circuit board heat dissipation holes in the specific proofing plan, or the silk screen to mark the position. Although these are just a few simple numbers or labels, it can shorten the entire proofing time a lot. It is precisely because of this that this has led to the same PCBA proofing work, some companies need ten days to complete, and some processing companies only need five days to complete.

  3. Control the quantity of PCBA proofing

  Professional PCBA proofing companies must estimate the number of proofs according to their own characteristics after receiving the proofing order. Do not invest too many samples at one time, because in the end, if the bidding is not successful, the cost of the company will increase, so do not If the investment is too small, if there is a burn-in situation during the period, the re-proofing will extend the delivery time.

  Therefore, if you want to quickly complete the professional PCBA proofing work, then you may wish to refer to the above items to achieve better results.