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PCB industry depth: global PCB focus is on China
PCB News
PCB industry depth: global PCB focus is on China

PCB industry depth: global PCB focus is on China


l The mother of electronic products. PCB circuit boards provide interconnection and signal transmission between electronic products. The manufacturing quality of PCB not only directly affects the reliability of electronic products, but also affects the integrity of the signal transmission between the chip and the chip. The development level of its industry can reflect the development speed and technical level of a country or region's electronic information industry to a certain extent. .

lPCB is developing towards "light, thin, short and small". Technological progress has promoted the continuous development of 3C electronic devices such as smart phones in the direction of lighter, thinner, smaller, and mobile. In order to achieve the goal of less space, faster speed, and higher performance, the The requirements of "short and small" continue to increase. Especially with the continuous increase of the functions of smart electronic terminals such as mobile phones, the number of I/Os has also increased, and the line width and line spacing must be further reduced.

l Multilayer boards occupy a global leading position, and the market share of high-end boards is increasing day by day.

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From the perspective of product structure, multi-layer boards still occupy the mainstream position in the current PCB market. With the rapid development of the electronic circuit industry technology, the integrated functions of components are becoming more and more extensive, and the high-density requirements of electronic products for PCBs are more prominent. High-end PCB products such as high-layer boards, flexible boards, HDI boards and packaging substrates are gradually occupying Market dominance.

l The PCB market in mainland China occupies half of the global share, and the growth rate is much higher than the world average. From 2008 to 2018, the output value of China's PCB industry increased from US$15.037 billion to US$32.60 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.05%, far exceeding the overall global growth rate of 2.77%. In the context of the global PCB industry's transfer to my country, the PCB industry in mainland China has maintained a rapid growth trend as a whole after 2009. From 2008 to 2017, the proportion of the global PCB output value of America, Europe and Japan has been declining. At the same time, the global share of China's PCB output value has continued to rise, further increasing to 50.53% in 2017. The global PCB industry production capacity (especially high-tech PCBs such as high-multilayer boards, flexible boards, and packaging substrates) is further concentrated in Asian regions such as mainland China.

l Overseas companies occupy a dominant position, and domestic-funded leading companies are working on the high-end market. Currently, the world's top 20 PCB manufacturers are mainly companies headquartered overseas. The huge development space of China's PCB market has attracted a large number of international companies to enter, and most of the world's well-known PCB manufacturers have established production bases in my country and are actively expanding.

l PCB's overall growth rate follows the macro economy, and 5G and automotive electronics will become the new main growth forces. Due to the wide range of downstream applications of PCB products, its periodicity is less affected by a single industry, and it mainly changes with the fluctuations of the macro economy and the overall development of the electronic information industry. In 2014, the promotion and popularization of 4G networks made my country's investment in communication facilities once again ushered in a spurt of growth. We believe that the construction of 5G will increase the opening up of market space and bring substantial demand for PCBs. The "Prospectus for Koboda IPO A Shares" quotes data from the China Investment Consulting Industry Research Center. About 70% of the innovation in automotive technology comes from automotive electronics. The application of automotive electronics technology has become the main measure of the level of the vehicle. Sign. We believe that the global automotive electronics market will maintain a relatively high growth rate in the next few years, and penetration into different models will increase the demand for PCB circuit boards.

l Risk warning. The risks caused by macroeconomic fluctuations; the risks of rapid changes in market demand in the downstream PCB industry; the risks caused by changes in environmental protection policies.