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Introduction to commonly used software in PCB design
PCB News
Introduction to commonly used software in PCB design

Introduction to commonly used software in PCB design


    With the gradual popularization of computers in China, the application of EDA (Electronic Design Automatic) software in the circuit industry has become more and more extensive, but compared with developed countries, there is still a considerable gap in the level of PCB design in my country. . China has come to the door of the WTO. With the entry of WTO, the circuit industry will be greatly affected. Many people engaged in PCB design are not familiar with EDA software. The purpose of this article is to let these colleagues understand this, and to improve their level of using computers for PCB design. The following are some of the most commonly used EDA software in China.


(1) Automatic design of PROTEL circuit

PROTEL is the CAD software for the circuit industry launched by PORTEL in the late 1980s. It deserves to be ranked in front of many EDA software and is the software of choice for PCB designers. It was used earlier in the country and has the highest penetration rate. Some colleges and universities have specialized courses to learn from circuit majors. Almost all circuit companies use it. The early PROTEL was mainly used as an automatic wiring tool for printed boards. It ran in a DOS environment and had very low hardware requirements. It can run under the 1M memory of a 286 machine without a hard disk. It has fewer functions, only electrical schematic drawing and printed board design functions, and the layout rate of the printed board automatic wiring is also low. The current PROTEL has developed to PROTEL99 (the test version can be downloaded from the Internet). It is a huge EDA software with more than 200 MB fully installed. It works in the Windows 95 environment and is a complete all-round circuit design system. Contains electrical schematic drawing, analog circuit and digital circuit mixed signal simulation, multilayer printed circuit board design (including automatic wiring of printed circuit boards), programmable logic device design, diagram generation, circuit table generation, support for macro operations and other functions, It also has a Client/Server (client/server) architecture, and is also compatible with some other design software file formats, such as ORCAD, PSPICE, EXCEL, etc. The use of automatic routing of multi-layer printed circuit boards can achieve a 100% distribution rate of high-density PCBs. If you want to learn more about the software functions of PROTEL or download the trial version of PROTEL99.

(2) ORCAD EDA software

ORCAD is an EDA software launched by ORCAD in the late 1980s. It is the most widely used EDA software in the world. It is used by millions of circuit engineers every day. Compared with other EDA software, its function is also the most powerful. Because ORCAD software uses softdog to prevent piracy. Therefore, it is not popular in China, and its popularity is not as good as PROTEL. Only a few PCB designers use it. As early as ORCAD 4.0, which worked in a DOS environment, it integrated electrical schematic drawing, printed circuit board design, digital circuit simulation, programmable logic device design and other functions, and its interface was friendly and intuitive. Its component library is also the richest among all EDA software, and it has always been the first choice among EAD software in the world. After ORCAD merged with CADENCE in July last year, it has become the most powerful company in the world to develop EDA software. Its product ORCAD Century Integrated Edition works under Windows 95 and Windows NT environments and integrates electrical schematic drawing. PCB design, mixed simulation and digital circuit simulation and other functions. Its circuit simulation component library has reached 8,500, including almost all general-purpose circuit component modules. Its powerful functions have led to its high price. In North America, its century-enhanced version sold for $7,995.

(3) Protel for Windows v1.5 pcb printed circuit board automatic desig

Although the version is low, but powerful; the operating system and hardware requirements are low, 486 and above models are enough; the file size after installation is about 4.65MB; the *.pcb format drawing file drawn with it is very small, and other designs The software compatibility is excellent, but it does not support the input of Chinese characters. Fortunately, only English characters are usually used on the PCB. All in all, Protel for Windows v1.5 is a rare excellent PCB design software.

The above is an introduction to the commonly used software in PCB design. Ipcb is also provided to PCB manufacturers and PCB manufacturing technology.