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Those "words" in PCB design and production that you may not know
PCB News
Those "words" in PCB design and production that you may not know

Those "words" in PCB design and production that you may not know


So far, we have explained the entire PCB design workflow for everyone.

In order to promote the common progress of designers at different levels. We take the time to list the professional terms involved in the PCB manufacturing in the previous article for reference. I hope to help you understand the content of the relevant articles more thoroughly and give you the greatest help possible.


(1) Hole holes, non-hole holes, via holes, special-shaped holes and assembly holes.

u Plated through hole: (Plated through Hole) is a hole that has been metallized and can conduct electricity.

u Nu-Plated through Hole is a hole in the PCB board that has not been metallized and cannot conduct electricity. These holes are usually assembly holes.

u Vias are holes with holes, but devices are generally not assembled, and they are usually vias (Via).

u Special-shaped holes are non-circular holes, such as oval and square holes.

u Assembling holes are holes for assembling devices or fixing printed circuit boards.

Several common holes in PCB boards

(2) Positioning holes and optical positioning points.

u Positioning holes refer to non-hole holes placed on the edge of the PCB circuit board and used for circuit board production.

u Optical positioning point refers to a special pad placed on the board for SMT placement and test positioning of components in order to meet the needs of automated production of circuit boards.

(3) Negative and Positive.

u Negative (Negative) refers to an area, which appears to be transparent in the computer and film to represent substances (such as copper foil, solder mask...). The negative film is mainly used for the inner layer. When there is a large area of copper, the use of the positive film will generate very large data, resulting in the inability to draw light, so the negative film is used.

u Positive film is the opposite of negative film.

(4) Reflow Soldering and Wave Solder.

u Reflow Soldering: A soldering process that melts the solder that has been placed on the solder joint to form a solder joint. Mainly used for soldering surface mount components.

u Wave Solder (Wave Solder): a process that can solder a large number of solder joints, that is, on the wave crest formed by the molten solder, the solder joint is formed through the printed board. Mainly used for soldering pin components.

Wave soldering machine

u (5) PCB and PBA

u PCB (Print Circuit Board) is a printed circuit board, also known as PB.

u PBA (Printed Board Assembly) refers to the circuit board after assembling components.