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The generation and description of PCB data file
PCB News
The generation and description of PCB data file

The generation and description of PCB data file


The data generation of PCB design is like a touch on the football field


No matter how perfect our PCB design is, it's just a matter of fact. In the end, we have to put it into practice and make our circuit boards through the production lines of PCB manufacturers. To carry out PCB production, it is necessary to generate corresponding data files and make necessary instructions.

1. Explanation of PCB thickness and copper foil thickness

1) When you need to control the characteristic impedance of the PCB board, you need to specify the thickness of each layer of the substrate, or require the PCB manufacturer to control the characteristic impedance of the board.

2) PCB thickness types are 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.4mm, etc.

A. For ordinary PCB circuit boards, the thickness is usually 1.6mm.

B. For the communication backplane, its thickness is usually 3.2mm (2.4mm or 4.4mm in special cases).

3) PCB copper foil thickness types are 5μm (μm hereinafter referred to as μ), 9μ, 12μ, 17.5μ, 35μ, 70μ, 105μ.

A. For ordinary PCB, the thickness of the inner layer of copper foil is usually 35μ; the outer layer is 17.5μ. For special PCBs, 35μ and 70μ can be used (such as power supply boards).

B. For the communication backplane PCB, the copper foil thickness is usually 17.5μ or 35μ.

2. PCB processing data file generation

After you complete the PCB design, you must generate the data files required for production and assembly, and the PCB manufacturer and PCBA patch factory can produce it for you. The files that need to be generated are:

■ Documents required for PCB production:

GERBER file (gerber file) and DRILL file (drilling file)

Upload Gerber file

1) Gerber file, which must contain D code, that is, extended Gerber format file, which is the file to be uploaded when you place an order in Benqiang PCB Procurement Mall. In addition to the Gerber files of each layer, you should provide the front and back side solder mask, soldering aid, and wire mesh Gerber data according to the actual situation, and indicate the contents of each file separately. With these documents, our PCB factory and PCBA factory can produce and mount for you.

2) (NC) Drilling file, it is necessary to distinguish the position of hole-shaped holes and non-hole-shaped holes (especially the assembly holes shall be described as non-hole-shaped holes). And provide CNC drilling tool charts.

3) For multi-layer PCBs, you also need to specify the number of layers of the board.

■ Documents required for PCBA assembly:

1) For VeriBest software, the following format files need to be output:



2) For Mentor software, the following format files need to be output:

/design/pub: trace (traces.traces_rev#)



apeture_table(thermal pads)

test points(optional)

/mfg/: neture_file