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Several highly difficult PCB products with great application prospects
PCB News
Several highly difficult PCB products with great application prospects

Several highly difficult PCB products with great application prospects


Electronic technology is changing with each passing day


In recent years, electronic technology has developed rapidly and changes with each passing day. Various electronic and electrical equipment are also developing in the direction of intelligence and miniaturization. The development of electronic and electrical equipment has driven the downstream PCB industry, and the requirements for PCB are getting higher and higher. PCB products have changed from single-layer boards and double-layer boards to the later multi-layer boards, high-level boards, and high-frequency, high-speed and high-speed boards. Density HDI board. Below, the editor will talk to you about several high-end PCB circuit boards that have extremely broad application prospects in recent years.

1. IC package carrier board

In today's electrical equipment, chips are more and more widely used, ranging from power management chips to CPU chips. With the development of electronic technology and the advent of the era of intelligence, the rapid development of mobile communication devices such as mobile phones, wearable devices, mobile medical devices and other products means the continuous upgrading of chips, which drives the wide application of IC packaging substrates.

The production and packaging of chips is naturally inseparable from the PCB carrier board, and the more advanced chips have higher and higher requirements for the PCB carrier board, the design and process manufacturing difficulty of this kind of circuit board will also increase.

IC package carrier board


Substrate Like PCB (SLP: Substrate Like PCB) is a PCB circuit board similar to IC carrier board specifications. It itself is an HDI circuit board, which is a kind of HDI PCB board, but it has higher requirements and high precision than ordinary HDI boards,The line width and line spacing have been as small as 25 microns to 40 microns, and its difficulty hasapproached the level of IC package carrier.

Such HDI circuit boards are mainly used in smart phones, notebook computers, digital cameras and other fields. There are HDI boards from level 1 to level 6 on the market. In order to respond to the market's demand for the development of high-end flagship smartphones. The 16-layer 7-stage SLP circuit board developed by Benqiang Circuit has filled the market gap in this field.

Benqiang circuit 7-order HDI circuit board

3. Embedded component PCB

With the continuous development of various electronic and electrical equipment in the direction of miniaturization, the internal space is becoming more and more compact. Many electronic components have no place of their own. Therefore, the extremely creative and talented PCB design engineers are bright. Flashed, some electronic components were buried in the PCB circuit board.

The embedded component printed circuit board can not only have the characteristics of smaller volume, smaller electronic component density, faster signal transmission, etc., but also has good heat dissipation capacity and water resistance.

Our company buried resistor circuit board

        4. High frequency and high speed transmission PCB

At present, PCB circuit boards are mainly processed with copper clad laminates as substrates, and lines are formed after etching. Therefore, for high-frequency and high-speed transmission applications with a transmission rate greater than 100 GHz and above, the traditional copper circuit PCB board is already incapable.

In order to solve the problem of high-speed data transmission in high-frequency and high-speed transmission applications such as military radar, unmanned driving, and 5G communications, high-frequency and high-speed PCB boards were born. High-frequency, high-speed, high-reliability, low-latency, large-capacity, high-bandwidth circuit board.