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PCB inspection and digital inkjet printing technology
PCB News
PCB inspection and digital inkjet printing technology

PCB inspection and digital inkjet printing technology


PCB inspection


1. Inspection technology of printed circuit board

PCB inspection is an indispensable key link in the PCB manufacturing process, and an important barrier to ensure and improve PCB performance indicators and quality.

Among the various testing indicators of PCB, the most important indicator is the electrical performance of the PCB board.

Shenzhen Benqiang Circuit Co., Ltd. is a high-end PCB manufacturer, and has always regarded quality as the lifeline of the company’s survival and development. In addition to establishing a comprehensive quality control system, it also continued to introduce a large number of PCB testing equipment, the most important of which One of the testing equipment is the AOI automatic optical detector.

AOI automatic optical detector

AOI automatic optical inspection instrument in English abbreviation AOl (Automatic Optical lnspection), scans the PCB circuit board through the optical system on the machine, the machine reads the scanned circuit board image, and compares it with a good image through a logic algorithm. In order to find various defects on the circuit board.

The super-size PCB automatic optical inspection system introduced by our company integrates the four functions of graphic inspection, laser via inspection, remote multi-image verification and 2D measurement. The system can measure data such as pattern inspection, via inspection, line width and line spacing on the circuit board, find various defects on the PCB board in a timely and efficient manner, and improve the reliability of the board's various performances.

In terms of electrical performance testing (ET), the PCB automatic bare board flying probe tester introduced by our company uses a new double shuttle system that can alternate loading and unloading to reduce product replacement time, achieving up to 140 times per second The measurement greatly improves the efficiency of product testing. In addition, this model also provides an innovative automatic display and operating system, which can realize Kelvin four-wire high-precision testing, embedded component or component potential defect testing, and flexible board testing.

PCB Flying Probe Tester

 In terms of impedance testing, our company has also introduced a batch of equipment for testing PCB impedance and signal loss. This device can realize the accuracy and authenticity test of the impedance of thin lines with line width less than 75um (3 mil).

In terms of the signal integrity of the communication backplane, the company introduced a high-speed X-ray measurement equipment. The allowed size of the back drilling residue of the backplane was tightened from 0.30 mm to 0.15 mm to strengthen and improve the communication backplane. Reliability test.

Second, the digital printing technology of the PCB board

With the advancement and development of technology, digital inkjet printing and 3D printing technology are entering the electronic semiconductor and printed circuit board manufacturing industry, which has revolutionized PCB manufacturing technology.

PCB digital inkjet printer

Benqiang Circuits uses advanced digital inkjet printing technology to directly print the solder mask and text symbols on the PCB board, which greatly improves the production capacity and efficiency of the product. The company has been able to achieve line width/spacing of 75um, and the printing accuracy is less than 2um.

3D printing technology can provide PCB designers with more freedom, improve design efficiency and board manufacturing speed, and can continuously complete PCB manufacturing and assembly functions.

3D printed PCB production prototypes and small-batch boards can reduce production costs and shorten product delivery cycles. Compared with traditional PCB manufacturing technology, it has unparalleled advantages.