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Taconic TSM-DS3 high frequency sheet parameters
PCB News
Taconic TSM-DS3 high frequency sheet parameters

Taconic TSM-DS3 high frequency sheet parameters


Taconic TSM-DS3 is a thermally stable, industry-leading low loss (Df = 0.0011 at 10GHZ), which can be manufactured with the best predictability and consistency of glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin. Taconic TSM-DS3 is a ceramic filled reinforcement material with a very low glass fiber content (approximately 5%), which is comparable to the epoxy resin used to make large and complex multilayer films.


Taconic TSM-DS3 was developed for high power applications (thermal conductivity = 0.65 W / M * K), where the dielectric material must conduct heat away from other heat sources in the PWB design. The development of Taconic TSM-DS3 also has a very low thermal expansion coefficient, which can meet the demanding thermal cycle requirements.

The combination of Taconic TSM-DS3 core and Taconic fastRise™27 (Df = 0.0014, 10 GHz) prepreg is an industry-leading solution that can achieve the lowest dielectric loss at an epoxy-based 420˚F manufacturing temperature. The low insertion loss of Taconic TSM-DS3 / fastRise™27 can only be achieved by welding (pure Teflon® laminate melted from 550˚F to 650˚F). Fusion bonding is expensive, it causes excessive movement of the material and puts pressure on the plated through holes. For complex multilayer films, low-volume prices push up the final material cost. fastRise™27 can sequentially laminate TSM-DS3 at temperatures as low as 420˚F, which is consistent and predictable, and can reduce costs.

For microwave applications, low x, y, and z CTE values ensure that the critical spacing between the traces in the filter and coupler has a very low temperature shift. Taconic TSM-DS3 can be used with very thin copper foils to produce smooth copper edges between coupled lines.

Registration on multiple layers is critical for changes in yield and copper weight, and copper etching on the panel can cause non-linear movement. The non-linear motion on the large panel causes the drilling to be out of alignment with the pad and possible open circuits.

1. Taconic TSM-DS3 is compatible with Ticer® and OhmegaPly® resistor foils.

2. The deviation of the dielectric constant of Taconic TSM-DS3 from temperature is +/- 0.2%.

3. In the typical application temperature range, the loss factor varies between 0.0007 and 0.0011.

4. Comparison of insertion loss between TSM-DS3 and synthetic rubber hydrocarbon laminate. Use the Southwest connector to display the test experiment shown below.

The above is an introduction to the parameters of Taconic TSM-DS3 high-frequency sheet. Ipcb also provides PCB manufacturers and PCB manufacturing technology.