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Server chip market
PCB News
Server chip market

Server chip market


  The performance of the cloud AI chip itself is relatively strong, and it can support a large number of operations at the same time. In addition, it can also support a variety of different applications such as pictures and voice. In the AI chip, the technology based on the cloud AI chip can enable a variety of Smart devices and cloud servers are connected quickly, and the connection can maintain maximum stability, which is also very useful. For example, the online voice translation function we currently use on the Internet is not only based on AI artificial intelligence technology, but also benefits from the use of cloud AI chips, which can ensure that devices can obtain cloud information in a timely manner. AI artificial intelligence technology will be used in 2018. The development momentum is very strong. Although we will only often see the term AI artificial intelligence, there are still many chips behind it that are supporting operations.


    AWS originally wanted to ask other PCB manufacturers to design an Arm chip that could run on a large scale in the cloud, but after waiting for years to no avail, it simply rolled up its sleeves and designed the chip by itself. AWS kicked off the re:Invent annual event for cloud computing on Monday night. It launched a host of new services, and a new cloud chip designed by itself was particularly eye-catching.

    This Arm-based chip is called Graviton and is provided to its cloud customers through AWS's EC2 cloud computing service. It was designed by Annapurna Labs, a chip developer acquired by Amazon in 2015. is a subsidiary of Qinji Group and is a leading electronic industry service platform in China. It provides online components, sensor procurement, pcb customization, BOM distribution, material selection and other electronic industry supply chain complete solutions, one-stop to meet electronics The overall needs of small and medium-sized customers in the industry.

    The main attraction is that the chip provides lower-cost computing services. Amazon claims that its chips cost up to 45% lower than Intel’s or AMD’s chips when running specific workloads, and AWS also provides chip leasing services. In other words, in addition to choosing to use Intel chips and AMD chips, cloud customers now have a third choice in terms of chips.

    AWS Global Infrastructure and Customer Support Vice President Peter DeSantis (Peter DeSantis) said in the evening on stage that the chip service or the new instance itself is called EC2 A1, which is designed for the so-called horizontal that can run on many machines. Extending application usage and running on many machines is a feature of many web applications. More specifically, in addition to being suitable for Web servers, development environments, and cache server clusters, this chip service is also suitable for containerized microservices or bundled applications, so that they can run on multiple types of computers and software.

    The Graviton chip marks the dominant position of the Arm chip. The Arm chip has traditionally been mainly used in low-power devices such as smart phones, and has recently been used in devices such as network routers. Now, they are beginning to enter mainstream data center servers, and the use of Graviton chips in A1 computing instances means that it is now entering the cloud.

    At the same time, this signal indicates that Intel and AMD no longer dominate the data center or cloud field, but Intel still dominates; these years, AMD has tried to challenge Intel’s dominance, but with little success, but its new Epyc chips have been in Progress has been made, and the response has been very good among server buyers and cloud companies such as AWS.

    Graviton is not the only enhanced version of AWS announced. The company also announced other new computing examples, including a geek-named P3dn that provides the functions of a graphics processing unit that can be used to run machine learning, AI and high-performance computing applications. It uses Nvidia's high-end V100 Volta chip to provide what Matt Wood, the AI general manager of AWS said, is the largest and fastest training example in the cloud.