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Ceramic circuit board applications Ubiquitous intelligent AI
PCB News
Ceramic circuit board applications Ubiquitous intelligent AI

Ceramic circuit board applications Ubiquitous intelligent AI


Ceramic circuit board application

   "One day in the future, when you wake up from bed, it is no longer your relatives who bring breakfast and milk, but a pair of mechanical arms. At the same time, the gentle synthetic voice female voice, which is deliberately distinguished from ordinary human voices, reminds you of this. The daily action of a day... sounds a lot like Iron Man and his smart AI Jarvis? Who stipulates that people in the future cannot be like a mobile phone in their hands, and a person can have an omnipotent little Ding Dong."


The future intelligence mentioned in literary works generally goes to two extremes. One advocates the simulation of human feelings, just like the monsters in ancient Chinese legends, with the ultimate goal of'like people'; the other emphasizes' Non-self races must have different hearts.' The cold reality is that no matter how many instructions are input by humans to limit, the logic circuit of intelligent machines is still different from humans. In order to achieve the goal, the machine uses calculations that cannot be performed by the human brain. And the way, and finally take rational but extremely terrible actions, and even annihilate mankind. Zhihu has a story about the paper printing machine of Lao Wang Company, which tells that after the paper printing machine has super artificial intelligence, it submits an insignificant networking application. Through self-backup and knowledge acquisition in a short period of time, it uses poisonous gas to exterminate mankind. Then everything on the earth was made into a compound of paper and ink, and the sheets of white paper printed with "Welcome to Pharaoh Company" were passed into space like snow flakes... This is only because engineers gave smart paper printers. The set goal is: spread the seven words of Lao Wang's welcome to all over the world. This story is of course absurd, but it is also shocking enough. It shows people a corner of the super artificial intelligence ability.

  Super artificial intelligence is still an invisible thing on the earth, but many strong artificial intelligence have been born, although many are only specializing in certain aspects, such as defeating the strongest chess player Ke Jie's Alpha Dog. If people continue to study artificial intelligence, then they will inevitably get more breakthrough creations and innovations in the fields of transportation and communication, electronic technology, cloud computing, etc. These technologies must be based on super hardware conditions, starting from the most basic On the one hand, the circuit board is equivalent to the cell of the product, so the material composition of the cell cannot be ignored. At present, the circuit board material with the longest service life is the ceramic substrate. First of all, the natural properties of special ceramics ensure that it can be used well in various harsh reducing atmospheres; secondly, the metal layer does not contain organic substances, making it more reliable to use. Many of the first 5G base stations built in my country will also use this material, which proves the stability; then ceramics has an excellent performance in terms of dielectric constant, which can transmit the current signal to the greatest extent, which is the "language" of the machine; finally , It must be said that the biggest advantage of ceramic circuit boards-thermal conductivity, all electronic devices are driven by electrical energy, in the process of energy conversion, not all electrical energy can be converted into the energy we need, greater Part of the electrical energy is turned into heat. If the electronic equipment accumulates too much heat, the end can be imagined, and the stoneware ceramic circuit board can make the electronic equipment play to the extreme without any worries.

In the future, all the sci-fi scenes we hope will be realized one by one. Perhaps Iron Man’s suit will not be too far away from us. By then, we will all be able to become superpowers. Among them, ceramic circuit boards will It is everywhere, guarding somewhere around us or in our body, escorting our super energy release.

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