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Factors for judging Chinese PCB manufacturers
PCB News
Factors for judging Chinese PCB manufacturers

Factors for judging Chinese PCB manufacturers


Are you currently looking for a Chinese PCB manufacturer company that can provide you with high-quality PCBs that meet all your needs? Your PCB is critical to the proper functioning of your product, which means you must deal with PCB manufacturers who can efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively provide you with the right circuit boards.

Since many of these products are all over the Chinese market, finding the best among them can be a challenging process. But in order to help you solve this problem, we have compiled a list of 8 factors to help you judge the best PCB manufacturer in China. Let’s take a look at some basic things you need to keep in mind, especially when making this critical decision.


In addition, some experience in this field is valuable in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. How long has your printed board manufacturer been in the area? Are they new or just beginning? You may need to be careful, especially when dealing with a fledgling printed circuit board manufacturer, because most of them operate on a trial-and-error basis.

More mature manufacturers have fast contacts in the PCB manufacturing industry. They know and understand where to obtain reliable resources, have an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process, and provide customers with competitive market prices.

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In addition, the time of establishment will provide you with relevant information about their capabilities in the field and their ability to adapt and respond to the changes experienced in the industry.

PCB factory or middleman/intermediary

If you have previously purchased a printed circuit board from a Chinese manufacturer, it is likely that it has passed through several middlemen before it reaches you. Likewise, when you end up paying more, you must have realized how expensive it is.

So, why should you deal directly with the factory instead of dealing with an intermediary? There are many reasons. However, when dealing directly with the factory, you can rest assured that the price is lower-you can effectively reduce middlemen through direct procurement-transparency, accountability, reliable delivery dates, less paperwork and speed Customer service, just to name a few.

When looking for a trusted PCB manufacturer in China, please make sure you only work with people who directly deal with you. If you run into someone with a middleman, you'd better walk away because they exploit you by establishing a middleman between them and you (the end user of the product). For this, you can trust us and the PCB company.

What are the certifications of Chinese PCB manufacturers?

By analyzing the certification approved by the manufacturer, it is easy to judge the quality and standard of the product. In the long run, the cost of dealing with PCB manufacturers who lack the required certifications will be higher. Certification does provide some additional insights into the qualifications of PCB manufacturers in the business.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has issued a number of standards related to quality management, including ISO 9001. If you plan to source PCBs from Chinese manufacturers, please make sure that you only source from companies that meet all established standards. Of course, these standards may include some extensive regulations and other measures, such as no use or restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS). PCBA factories must have military and 3C certification.

When dealing with PCB manufacturers that have obtained UL, ISO9001, and RoHS certifications in China, you can be sure that you are working with companies that strictly abide by the established standards and regulations. In this way, you can rest assured to obtain high-quality products.

Can the manufacturing capacity meet your needs?

As an end user of printed circuit boards, it is frustrating to deal with the manufacturer's circuit boards that cannot meet your needs as you wish. Manufacturers of printed circuit boards with this function, usually referred to as PCB houses, specify almost all technical aspects to consider the needs of every hobbyist or enthusiast.

Your PCB manufacturer needs to manufacture your circuit boards according to your specifications and within an acceptable time frame. Your so-called PCB manufacturer must ensure that the final product satisfies you. How many layers do you need? Do you have special requirements for the materials used? In addition, you also need to establish a working relationship with a company that can meet the basic needs, such as the maximum PCB size, spacing, board thickness, accuracy, and testing technology.

Sources of raw materials and components used by manufacturers

A key issue that many PCB users are concerned about when judging the best PCB manufacturers in China is their materials. There are many low-cost manufacturers purchasing substandard components at low prices, which will ultimately affect the efficiency and performance of their circuit boards.

Although there is nothing wrong with choosing a PCB manufacturer that purchases materials locally, it is important to ensure that you work with PCB manufacturers that use ISO9001 and UL certified materials or components. Make sure you only deal with manufacturers whose raw materials comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals), to name a few.

In this way, you can not only ensure the protection of the environment, but also your overall health and independent users of other PCB-containing products.

China PCB manufacturer company-choose a manufacturer that can sign an NDA with you

In the field of PCB manufacturing, confidentiality is very important. Make sure you only work with companies that are ready to sign so-called non-disclosure agreements (NDA). Confidentiality will ensure that your relevant PCB interests are protected.

Similarly, you may want to make sure that the confidentiality agreement does not have any loopholes that might bother you again. After signing the non-disclosure agreement, you will be able to better ensure that the PCB manufacturers you deal with will not steal your products and other creative blueprints, but will only sell them to other third parties.

Make sure that you only deal with PCB manufacturers who are ready to sign non-disclosure agreements with you. This will give you confidence in your cooperation with PCB manufacturers rather than competitors.

Chinese PCB Manufacturer Company-Never Believe in Low Prices

Although they may be tempting, always be wary of low prices. In the past, many Chinese PCB manufacturers did stand out because of their incredibly low prices. Despite the increase in environmental issues and various regulations, most companies now have many laws regarding their production. These regulations will eventually push up PCB prices in the local and international markets.

Looking for a PCB manufacturer that sells its PCBs at a low price, instead of the bargains you usually expect to see in the market, you need to be careful. In the long run, unscrupulous manufacturers may produce substandard products for you to provide you with dangerous products.

Why sacrifice the quality of printed circuit boards when choosing a cheap printed circuit board? If you are not careful, cheap things may become expensive. It is well known that materials that are too low in price perform poorly and cannot last for a long time.

China PCB Manufacturer Company-Collect more customer reviews

Finally, it is necessary to understand what other people think of the manufacturer. Once you have selected the manufacturer you want to work with, you can review the experience of previous customers with that manufacturer. In this way, you will be able to better understand or judge whether the PCB manufacturer brings profit to your business or wastes your time and money.