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Classification of CEM-3 and FR-4 PCB Multilayer Material
PCB Blog
Classification of CEM-3 and FR-4 PCB Multilayer Material

Classification of CEM-3 and FR-4 PCB Multilayer Material


1.FR-4 A1 level multi-layer PCB material This level is mainly used in electronic products such as communications, computers, digital circuits, industrial instrumentation, automotive circuits and so on. The quality of this series of products has completely reached the world-class level, which is the highest grade and best performance product of FR-4 PCB.

2.FR-4 A2 grade multi-layer PCB material This grade is mainly used for ordinary computers, instrumentation, advanced home appliances, and general electronic products. This series of materials are widely used, each performance index can meet the needs of general industrial electronic products. It has a good price-performance ratio. Can enable customers to effectively improve price competitiveness.

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3.FR-4 A3 Multilayer PCB Material This grade material is an FR-4 product specially developed and produced by our company for home appliances industry, computer peripheral products and general electronic products (such as toys, calculators, game consoles, etc.). Its feature is that the price has a very competitive advantage on the premise that the performance meets the requirements.

4.FR-4 AB grade multi-layer PCB material This grade plate is our unique low-grade product. However, the performance indicators can still meet the needs of ordinary household appliances, computers and general electronic products. The price is the most competitive, and the performance-price ratio is also excellent.

5.FR-4B grade multi-layer PCB material This grade of board belongs to the company's second-class board, which has poor quality stability and is not suitable for larger area PCB products. Generally, it is suitable for 100mm X200mm products. It's the cheapest, but customers should be careful to choose it.

6.CEM-3 Series Multilayer PCB Material This product company produces three kinds of base material colors, namely white, black and natural colors. It is mainly used in computer, LED industry, clock, general household appliances products and general electronic products (such as VCD, DVD, toys, game consoles, etc.). Its main feature is good punching performance, suitable for a large number of multi-layer PCB circuit board products that need stamping process. This series of products has three quality levels: A1, A2, A3. Customers with different requirements can choose to use them.

7. Black base color multilayer PCB material for all kinds of clocks and watches This series of products has three quality grades: A1, A2, A3. There are two types of multilayer PCB materials, FR-4 and G10. Its thickness, blackness, solubility and other quality indicators fully meet the requirements of clock products. Among them, A1 series of this type of plate has reached world-class quality, and many advanced quartz watches abroad use this series of plate. The quality of A3 class clocks meets the quality level required by ordinary clocks, while the price is the most competitive.

8. Multilayer PCB board materials The company provides customers with the following multilayer materials: 1) semi-cured sheets (1080, 2116, 7628, etc.), 2) copper foil (0.5 OZ, 1.0 OZ, 1.5 OZ, 2.0 OZ, 3OZ, etc.), 3) off-type film, 4) laminated special kraft paper.

9. High-performance aluminum-based multilayer PCB material.

10. Material with high Tg value, a material with high CTI (compared with leakage mark index), etc.

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