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PCB Blog - Why choose PCB design outsourcing?

PCB Blog

PCB Blog - Why choose PCB design outsourcing?

Why choose PCB design outsourcing?


PCB design outsourcing is the use of EDA tools such as Allegro, PADS, Mentor, AD, etc. based on circuit schematics to plan layout and wiring and complete the function of hardware circuits. Excellent PCB design engineers not only need to be proficient in EDA software, but also understand circuit principles, SI/PI/EMC, and consider DFM issues such as PCB factory processing capabilities and SMT processing manufacturability. High-quality PCB design service is to assist customers in reducing sampling time and costs, laying a solid foundation for them to win market opportunities!

PCB Design outsouring

PCB design outsourcing

The huge market still allows many companies to continue investing in the PCB industry. Considering the professionalism and efficiency of PCB design outsourcing companies, many domestic electronic industry product companies and circuit board manufacturing companies choose to outsource PCB design entirely or partially, allowing professionals to engage in professional work.

Analysis of several reasons for choosing PCB design outsourcing:

1. Insufficient internal PCB design engineers within the company. Some companies have dedicated PCB design teams, and only seek PCB design outsourcing service providers when the company's design team cannot meet the needs of design progress and quality.

2. Unable to catch up with the delivery cycle. At present, many companies in the market still require hardware engineers to design PCBs, and hardware engineers also need to do hardware planning, chip selection, board debugging, and other work, which will greatly prolong the time for product launch.

With the development of 5G technology, the demand for high-speed PCB design has become higher: signal integrity simulation analysis, timing analysis, signal backflow, crosstalk disposal, single board EMC/EMI, power ground plane integrity, etc. Moreover, the design density of single boards is also increasing. These PCB designs require a considerable amount of work, and if all hardware engineers are responsible, it will greatly extend the time for product development and launch.

4. It is currently difficult to find senior PCB design engineers in the market. It takes at least 2-3 years to cultivate ordinary engineers to become high-level PCB design talents, and it is also difficult to avoid talent loss during the training process.

5. Due to cost considerations, most small and medium-sized enterprises do not have or only have a few dedicated PCB design engineers. The company has few projects, and recruiting 1-2 full-time PCB planning engineers is a waste of resources. In this case, choosing PCB design outsourcing services is more cost-effective and efficient.

The Benefits of Choosing PCB Design Outsourcing

More and more companies are turning to PCB design outsourcing services, especially those lacking PCB expertise and newly established companies because designing a qualified printed circuit board is not an easy task Throughout the entire process, there are many factors to consider, such as the type of circuit board, the design software used, and so on.

Cost reduction

Outsourcing your PCB design services to qualified PCB design partners can help you save money If you want to design a qualified PCB, good PCB design software and tools are necessary, as low version and outdated design tools have limited functionality. Therefore, if you want to be responsible for PCB design yourself, you need to invest in design tools and software Outsourcing PCB design services can save this cost, and more importantly, these professional PCB designers will continuously update their design tools and software to keep up with the latest technology On the other hand, you don't need to spend money hiring PCB design experts. You can obtain complete PCB design technical support and resources from outsourcing partners, which can significantly reduce your operating costs.

Fill professional gaps

Designing printed circuit boards requires a high level of professional knowledge, especially when designing circuit boards for specific industries such as healthcare or aerospace Outsourcing design services can provide you with a reliable way to obtain these Collaborating with PCB design experts can ensure the quality of your PCB design, as they can always meet your project requirements well In addition, they provide technical support from conceptual design to schematics and prototypes

But we should realize that design defects are inevitable, and the key is how to fix them PCB design experts can leverage the experience gained from previous projects to help you solve problems faster, providing a new perspective on how to solve problems.

Shorten time to market

Collaborating with PCB design outsourcing companies can shorten the time to market and ensure that PCB design can be completed within the time frame you require If you plan to design your own PCB, you need to do a lot of preparation, including developing workflow, installing design software and tools. If your company does not have a professional PCB designer, recruiting personnel may take a long time and delay the entire process Choosing outsourcing services allows you to skip all these steps. These professional PCB design companies have professional designers and well-established workflows, which can complete PCB design faster.

Improve your original design

When you collaborate with PCB design experts, they can not only help you design new circuit boards, but you can also rely on them to evaluate your design or existing products and see if there are any areas for improvement For example, they can identify unnecessary components by checking your schematic and existing circuit boards, thereby simplifying your design and saving you money.

The PCB industry, as the central carrier of electronic products, has increasingly strong market demand for PCB design outsourcing.