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What is the PCBA maintenance process

What is the PCBA maintenance process

In the PCBA patch production process, PCBA boards are often of poor quality due to improper operation by production personnel or poor material quality. At this time, the bad PCBA board needs to be repaired.

The process of PCBA patch maintenance is:

Check PCBA>Measure all POWER to test bad power, perform maintenance according to bad phenomena, self-check after maintenance, test fixture test, and comprehensive inspection.

PCBA patch maintenance tools include: oscilloscope, digital instrument, thermostatic iron, hot air gun, needle-nose pliers, diagonal pliers and tweezers.

1. Check the PCBA patch

Check that the PCBA patch has no obvious bad appearance. Such as: short circuit, air welding, missing parts, extreme reverse parts, burnt parts, etc.

2. Power test

The main function of the power supply test is to see if there is a short circuit.

What is the PCBA maintenance process

3. Power test

Use the test fixture DOUBLECHECK to measure the power after power-on.

4. Repair according to the bad phenomenon

We can refer to the maintenance work guidance provided by the project, and repair the defects in combination with the circuit maintenance principle.

5. Self-check after repair

After maintenance, the maintenance parts need to be self-checked. Main inspection: short circuit, empty solder, tin slag and solder joint appearance.

6. Test tool test

Use the test tool to check whether the PCBA patch is repaired normally.

7. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the repaired product

By maintaining the bad PCBA patch, not only can the waste of the board be reduced, but also the production cost of the pcb factory can be reduced.