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Introduction of dry goods! PCBA test stand

Introduction of dry goods! PCBA test stand

The PCBA test frame is the object we focus on today. The PCBA test frame refers to an important equipment for testing PCBA finished products. Generally speaking, from the beginning of the production of the test rack, the company needs to provide Gerber files and PCBA samples, which is a test tool that requires very careful operation. Today, let’s take a look at its production steps and requirements.

The PCBA test rack only needs to install a few pressure plate buckles on the test rack, and the PCBA is fixed by the thimble and the pressure plate buckle. When carrying out the PCBA function test, press the PCBA into the pressure plate buckle with both hands for testing. The PCBA is prone to poor contact with the PCBA due to uneven force or insufficient pressure, which greatly affects the test efficiency and accuracy. If the PCBA is pressed down by too much force, the PCBA is easily deformed or damaged. It is also easy to damage the test pins of the test frame, and the loss is large.

1. Material preparation After determining the plan based on the data, you need to prepare hardware materials (electronic components), related additional peripheral circuits, equipment, frame materials (such as acrylic panels), glue, electric batches, screws, wire materials, etc., to make The plan determines the information.

Introduction of dry goods! PCBA test stand

Second, the determination and inspection of the structure of the test frame

3. Wiring requirements

1. The opening of the wire needs to be opened within 2mm, and the opening of the wire should be tinned and the wire position of the test pin should be tinned.

2. The welded wire must not swing or loosen.

3. Separate and arrange the strong and weak wires in the test rack and tie the wires together.

4. The connection of the ammeter and the voltmeter must be installed with a multimeter pen. Banana plugs cannot be installed to test current, voltage and other functions to ensure the safety of the operator.

5. The signal wire of the connection of the high-frequency product model must use a shielded wire to ensure a safe grounding of the external network.

6. If there is an AC adapter in the test frame, the AC adapter shell must be grounded.

7. The test frame must be equipped with a fuse. It cannot be replaced by wires or other wires. Remove the 13A fuse from the original plug. When replacing the fuse, pay attention to how much current the tested model requires. The replacement principle is 8% of the working current of the product. -10 times is enough.

Fourth, the quality inspection of selected points The selection of points must follow the principles of comprehensive, effective and economical.

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