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One minute to understand the process and advantages of PCBA processing

One minute to understand the process and advantages of PCBA processing

What is PCBA processing?
PCBA processing means that the entrusting party delivers the processing project to the professional PCBA processing factory, and then only needs to wait for the processing factory to deliver the finished product according to the time agreed by both parties.

Why choose PCBA processing?
PCBA processing can effectively save customers' time and cost. The production process control is handed over to professional PCBA processing plants to avoid wasting bargaining and procurement time in the procurement of electronic materials such as IC, resistors, capacitors, and transistors. At the same time, it saves inventory costs and inspections. Material time, personnel expenses, etc., effectively transfer the risk to the processing plant.

Under normal circumstances, although PCBA processing plants seem to offer high prices, they can actually effectively reduce the overall cost of the company and allow the company to concentrate on its own specialties, such as design, R&D, marketing, and after-sales service. Next, I will introduce you the detailed processing flow of PCBA processing in detail:

One minute to understand the process and advantages of PCBA processing

PCBA processing project evaluation, customers have a very important evaluation when designing products: design for manufacturability, which is more critical for quality control of the manufacturing process.

Confirm the cooperation and sign the contract. After the negotiation, the two parties decide to cooperate and sign the contract.

The customer provides the processing information. After the customer completes the product design, he submits the Gerber file, BOM list and other engineering documents to the supplier. The supplier will have a dedicated technician to review, confirm, and evaluate the stencil printing, patch process, plug-in process, etc. detail.

For material procurement, inspection and processing, the customer prepays the supplier for PCBA processing costs (ranging from 30% to 100%, generally 70%, the remaining costs are settled before shipment, or directly 100% prepaid.), the supplier receives After the payment is received, the purchase of components will be carried out, and the production will be scheduled according to the PMC plan after the preparation is complete.

SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, material on-line production, quality inspection after SMT chip, reflow soldering, AOI inspection, DIP plug-in and wave soldering processes.

Quality inspection by the quality department, the quality department will randomly inspect part of the products or complete inspections, and repair the defective products after they are found.

Packaging and shipping and after-sales service. All products are packaged and shipped after quality inspection is completed. The packaging method is generally anti-static packaging. If customers have special requirements, they will be packaged according to customer requirements and after-sales service will be tracked.

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