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What are the reliability tests in the PCBA processing process?

What are the reliability tests in the PCBA processing process?

PCBA manufacturing is not only a combination of adding material procurement on the basis of SMT chip processing. Any problem with any material will affect the overall result of the PCBA board, which requires us to have sufficient material inspection capabilities. , Supplier management ability, technical analysis ability, reliability testing ability.

Reliability testing is often ignored by PCBA processing manufacturers, who often think that as long as the PCBA board is tested without problems, it will be accepted by the end customer. As everyone knows, many PCBA boards have fatal defects such as short service life and unstable use in terminal products. This is caused by the PCBA factory's failure to strictly implement reliability tests.

What are the reliability tests in the PCBA processing process?

How to carry out the reliability test of PCBA board?

1. Aging

Place the PCBA board with OK test function under specific temperature and humidity conditions, and perform repeated power on and off, simulation function operation, load operation, etc., and check the stability of the PCBA board through 24 to 72 hours of continuous work. Because the aging test takes a long time, it does not have the possibility of large-scale batch operation. In the actual process, the aging test is only a sample test, and the overall yield of this batch of products is judged by the qualified rate of the random test.

2. Vibration test

When many PCBA boards are delivered to customers, there are often some problems caused by vibration during transportation, such as component shedding and pad cracks. Through the vibration test, the vibration effect during transportation can be effectively simulated in the laboratory, and the hidden dangers in the welding process are gradually exposed. In this way, batch welding defects are avoided to the greatest extent, and the overall yield rate of delivery is improved. At present, there are professional analog motion vibration workbenches on the market, and the price is not high, you can purchase one for 5,000 yuan.

3. Surge impact test

In the process of PCBA processing, it is often OK to work under normal voltage, but occasional defects in a certain surge. Many circuit designs are not perfect. They often fail to consider the fatal impact of instantaneous voltage or current impact on the entire circuit. This requires us to conduct sampling surge impact experiments before the mass production of PCBA.

4. Packaging test

This test is often overlooked by everyone, resulting in a very funny problem: We spent a lot of energy to make the PCBA board perfect, but we lost in the last link of packaging and transportation. The factory shall simulate the packaging form of the PCBA board for proper drop test.

The reliability experiment of PCBA board is not only the above items. Each PCBA factory can negotiate with customers to determine specific reliability test plans based on actual conditions, with the goal of pursuing higher-quality manufacturing.

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