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Means of transformation of PCBA processing enterprises

Means of transformation of PCBA processing enterprises
Under the dual impact of the global economic downturn and the new crown epidemic, raw materials and labor have continued to rise, posing severe challenges to the manufacturing industry in 2021. The PCBA processing industry is facing the first wave of labor shortages and rising costs in the beginning of the spring, forcing PCBA electronics Manufacturing companies began to look at the production process in a true sense, using automated equipment on a large scale to improve the level of technology.

1. Desktop small equipment represented by spot welding robots began to enter the field one after another

Traditional PCBA processing companies still have many hand-soldering positions, especially when dealing with double-sided plug-ins and components that are not resistant to high temperatures, resulting in low efficiency and high costs. Horizontal multi-joint spot welding robots have begun to emerge. With customized tooling and fixtures, they can perfectly replace manual labor, solve manual welding problems in large-scale orders, and quickly improve the reliability and consistency of solder joints.

2. Pay attention to the position of PE engineer

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A good PE engineer makes a lot of money for the company every day. For specific PCBA circuit board products, PE engineers review its production process and techniques, and propose targeted improvements, which can greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs. The middle and basic level of many manufacturing enterprises are prone to fall into empirical management rules, resist and reject advanced management models or lack insights. Very few companies have dedicated PE engineers. As companies start to think about improving efficiency, PE engineer positions have gradually become popular.

3. The quality and efficiency of the equipment have become the preferred factors

In the case that the process level cannot be completely changed in a short time, improving equipment utilization and stability becomes the way out. Yes, PCBA electronics manufacturing companies have begun to select more mid-to-high-end equipment to make up for the loss caused by the short board of the process. .

4. Informatization auxiliary means have become a powerful means to monitor the production process

Informatization is an important means to promote the implementation of the process. Through ERP, MES and other systems, the transfer of job flow can be smoother, information communication is more transparent, and the management and control history of product quality is clearer. More and more PCBA companies have begun to invest in the implementation of informatization software products to enhance their core competitiveness.

Any major change in an enterprise is actually a change in talents. Before the leadership makes decisions, it is necessary to have competent key personnel to promote the implementation, otherwise, in the process of advancing the reform, it will inevitably encounter strong resistance, making good ideas become anticlimactic. PCBA circuit board is a key component of the manufacturing industry, which meets the needs of the national manufacturing 2025 strategy. Therefore, to become an excellent electronics manufacturing company with core competitiveness in the multiple dimensions of efficiency, cost and quality has become the need of the times.