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Features and uses of PCBA splitter

Features and uses of PCBA splitter
The PCBA splitting machine separates the PCBA boards that are put together. It is a necessary equipment in the PCBA processing plant.
One, the characteristics of PCBA sub-board machine
1. Stabilize the operating mechanism to prevent improper external forces from causing damage to the PCB tin surface, solder joints of electronic parts, and other electrical circuits due to the folding process.
2. The special round knife material design ensures the smoothness of the PCB dividing surface.
3. The cutting stroke distance is adjusted by five-segment touch control, which can quickly switch between different PCBs.
4. The high-frequency eye protection lighting device is installed to improve the operating quality of the operators.
5. Strengthen safety devices to avoid injuries caused by human negligence.

pcb board

6. Simple cutting distance adjustment: easy to operate and adjust the cutting size of the contact button.
7. Cutter wheel pressure adjustment: Use eccentric cam 0-2mm to adjust the gap between the upper and lower cutter wheels.
8. Double-sided board support design, so that the double-sided board can be cut more stably.
9. The design of the back baffle where the PC board and the upper and lower knives are vertical, effectively increases the stability during cutting, the flatness of the PCB board edge and the life of the cutter wheel.
10. The upper and lower blade guards, the machine safety optical eye and the emergency stop switch safety mechanism design,

Second, the use of PCBA sub-board machine
   PCBA board splitting machine is mainly used in PCBA factory to separate the PCBA boards that are put together. Generally, after the PCBA soldering is completed, the board is divided and then tested. Generally, SMT chip processing plants will not separate the boards, but will directly ship the panels to customers.
In some small and medium-sized PCBA processing plants, manual splitting is adopted, but it is easy to damage the PCBA board, and it is safer to use a machine to split the board.
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