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How to check the quality of solder joints processed by pcba

How to check the quality of solder joints processed by pcba
The quality of solder joints processed by pcb assembly occupies an important position in the quality inspection of SMT chip processing. After all, the quality of soldering is the key point of the entire quality inspection for surface assembly. Formation of solder joints When molten solder is in contact with the metal material being soldered by the action of flux, if there are no other impurities on the bonding interface, then any of the tin and lead atoms in the solder will enter the solder. The crystal lattice of the metal material forms an alloy, which forms a strong and reliable solder joint. With the development of miniaturization and precision of electronic products, the processing technology of SMT patch has also begun to be popularized in major electronic processing industries. Let Baiqiancheng give you a detailed introduction.

Quality inspection of solder joints processed by pcb assembly:

1. Component inspection:

1. Whether any parts of the component are not pasted, or omissions occur;

2. Whether the components are mis-posted;

3. Whether it will cause a short circuit, it needs to be further carefully tested;

4. Whether the component is soldered or not firmly. For electronic processing factories, the quality inspection of solder joints may be completed at the step of leaving the factory, but it is not enough for the product. The quality of the real SMT patch still needs to be tested in specific actual use.

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2. Appearance of solder joints:

1. The surface of the solder joints of the SMT patch is smooth and bright, and remains intact without defects;

2. The height of the components for SMD soldering is moderate, and the amount of solder also needs to be controlled within a reasonable range and completely cover the soldering parts of the pads and leads;

3. The solder joints have good wettability, and the edges of the solder joints should be thin. The wetting angle between the solder and the surface of the pad should be less than 300, and the maximum should not exceed 600.

Solder joint reliability is usually a pain point in electronic system design. Various factors will affect the reliability of solder joints, and any one of them will greatly shorten the service life of solder joints. Correctly identifying and mitigating the potential causes of solder joint failure during the design and manufacturing process can prevent costly and difficult-to-solve problems later in the product life cycle. The above is how to check the quality of the solder joints processed by pcb assembly based on the online information and self-summary sharing. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more industry information, pay attention to our website immediately!
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