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What are the key points of the quality control process in pcba processing?

What are the key points of the quality control process in pcba processing?
We all know that the PCB processing process is complicated, and quality control is a very important link, which has a significant impact on product quality. At the same time, it has an important influence on the reputation of our products. So, what are the key points for quality control of pcba processing flow? The following is a detailed explanation of Baiqiancheng.

1. SMT patch processing

The quality control of solder paste printing and reflow soldering temperature control is a key node in pcba manufacturing. For high-precision circuit board printing with special and complex processes, laser stencils need to be used according to specific conditions. In addition, according to PCB manufacturing requirements and customer product characteristics, it may be necessary to increase U-shaped holes or reduce steel mesh holes. The temperature control accuracy of the reflow oven is very important for the wetting of the solder paste and the firmness of the stencil welding. It can be adjusted according to the normal SOP operation guide to minimize the quality defects of the pcba processing in the SMT patch link. In addition, strict implementation of AOI testing can greatly reduce undesirable phenomena caused by human factors.

Two, DIP plug-in post welding

pcb board

The circuit board is the most important and final process in the processing stage. In the DIP plug-in post-welding process, the consideration of the furnace jig for wave soldering is very important. How to use the furnace fixture to improve the yield rate and reduce the poor soldering phenomenon such as continuous tin, lack of tin, and lack of tin requires the pcba processing plant to continuously summarize experience in practice and achieve technological upgrades in the process of experience accumulation.

Three, test and program firing

In the early DFM report, before the PCB processing, some suggestions should be provided to the customer, such as setting some key test points on the PCB for the PCB soldering test and the key to the continuity and connectivity of the subsequent PCB processing circuit test. Conditions permitting can communicate with customers, let them provide the back-end program, and then burn the pcba program into the core master IC through the burner. In this way, the integrity of the entire pcba can be tested and inspected more concisely through touch action, and defective products can be found in time.

Four, pcba manufacturing test

The test content generally includes ICT (circuit test), FCT (functional test), burn test (aging test), temperature and humidity test, drop test, etc.

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