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In pcba manufacturing, the work that needs to be done in the design stage

In pcba manufacturing, the work that needs to be done in the design stage
Only by doing things in a planned way can we complete various tasks efficiently. As the saying goes: "Everything is done in advance, and everything is done beforehand." Then in PCBa manufacturing, there is also work that needs to be done in the design stage, which is also our stage. Need perfect work. Let's chat with you all below.
Today’s sharing is mainly about the work that needs to be done in the design phase in the PCB manufacturing that you usually seldom pay attention to. Now we have completed the work that can be completed in advance after subdividing, and now we will enter the main link of today.

There are two solder mask methods for PCB pads, namely single-pad solder mask and group-pad solder mask:

(1) The single-pad method is designed as a priority design method. As long as the pad pitch is greater than or equal to 0.2mm, the single-pad method should be designed. The design requirements are: the minimum solder mask gap is 0.08mm, and the minimum solder mask bridge width is 0.1mm

(2) If the pad pitch is less than 0.2mm, group pad design can be used.


PCB pad design

(3) If the pad appears on a large copper skin and is defined by solder mask, the solder mask gap should be designed to be 0 to ensure that the size of the pad is the same as other pads of the same component.



Thermal design of heat sink

When the heat sink components are soldered, there will be less tin due to the tin absorption of the heat dissipation holes. The main reason is that the heat capacity of the hole is small. When the temperature is lower than the smt chip component, it will flow into the hole due to hair absorption, resulting in less tin under the heat sink pad. For the above situation, the above situation can be encountered during the chip processing. Use the method of increasing the heat capacity of the heat dissipation hole to improve. Connect the heat dissipation hole to the inner ground layer. If the ground layer is less than 6 layers, the local heat dissipation layer can be isolated from the signal layer, while reducing the aperture to the smallest available aperture size.
The above is the work that needs to be done in the design phase of pcba manufacturing. These tasks need to be perfected by us in the design stage. If you have any questions in this regard, you can discuss with us and make progress together!
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