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What is the main quality control of PCBA processing

What is the main quality control of PCBA processing
PCBA processing technology involves a series of processes such as PCB board manufacturing, PCBA incoming material procurement and inspection, SMT chip processing, plug-in processing, program firing, testing, and aging. Both the supply chain and the manufacturing chain are long. Any defect in any link will cause a large number of PCBA boards to be unqualified, leading to serious consequences. In this case, the quality control of PCBA chip processing is a very important quality assurance in electronic processing, so what is the main quality control of PCBA processing?

It is especially important to hold a pre-production meeting after receiving the PCBA processing order. Mainly analyze the PCB process flow, and submit a manufacturability report (DFM) according to the different requirements of customers. Many small manufacturers do not take this seriously, but tend to do so. It is not only prone to poor quality problems due to poor PCB design, but also requires a lot of rework and repair work.
2. Procurement and inspection of PCBA components

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To strictly control the procurement channels of parts and components, goods must be purchased from major merchants and original factories to avoid the use of second-hand materials and counterfeit materials. In addition, it is necessary to set up a special PCBA incoming inspection post to strictly check the following items to ensure that the components are free of faults.
PCB: Check the temperature test of the reflow oven, there is no fly wire through hole clogging or ink leakage, board bending, etc.
IC: Check whether the screen printing is exactly the same as the BOM, and store at constant temperature and humidity.
Other commonly used materials: check screen printing, appearance, power measurement, etc.
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