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Distribution method of PCBA patch processing distributor

Distribution method of PCBA patch processing distributor
In the processing and production of PCBA patches, some chip components cannot be processed according to conventional solder paste soldering. If only such components are processed by PCBA solder paste soldering, the processing quality or PCBA quality and service life may be affected. This process is the allocation process.

In actual processing, the dispenser is usually divided into two types, manual and automatic, which are used for small-batch proofing and large-batch PCBA processing.


The dispensing method of the dispenser mainly changes according to the dispensing head. According to the distribution pump of the distribution head, the distribution method can be divided into several different methods such as time pressure type, screw pump type, linear positive displacement pump type, spray type, etc., such as pump type. The following is a brief introduction to these different allocation methods.


1. Time pressure


In the eyes of many people, the air pump has always been the most direct dispensing method in PCBA patch processing. It uses a compressor to generate a controlled pulsed air flow based on the principle of time and pressure. During operation, the longer the action time of the air pulse, the greater the proportion of coating material pushed out from the needle.


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2. Screw pump type


The screw pump type dispensing head has high flexibility and is suitable for dispensing various PCBA patch adhesives. It is not sensitive to air mixed in the patch, but sensitive to viscosity changes. The speed of distribution also affects the consistency of the distribution.


3. Linear normal phase shift

The linear positive phase shift dispensing head has a good consistency with the glue point in high-speed applications. It can distribute larger glue spots, but it is complicated to clean and is sensitive to air in the repair glue.

4. Jet pump type

The jet pump type is a non-contact dispensing head. The dispensing speed is fast, and it is not sensitive to the warpage and height changes of the PCBA substrate. However, large glue dots are relatively slow, requiring multiple sprays and complicated cleaning.
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