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PCBA processing plant_PCBA washing process

PCBA processing plant_PCBA washing process
PCBA processing plants are still very necessary for the PCBA washing process. After the circuit board undergoes various processing and production processes (such as SMT chip processing, insertion, manual soldering, etc.), there are usually some residues left on the board. . In the general washing process, water is used as a cleaning medium. Small amounts of surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and other chemicals are added to the water. After cleaning, the cleaning process is completed by multi-source and deionized water source cleaning and drying. .


The advantage of water cleaning is that the cleaning medium used for water cleaning is generally non-toxic, does not endanger the health of workers, and is not flammable or explosive. Therefore, it has good safety. Water cleaning products with particles, rosin flux, water-soluble pollutants and polar pollutants has a good decontamination effect.


The disadvantage of the PCBA processing water washing process is the large investment in the entire equipment, which requires investment in pure water or deionized water. In addition, it is not suitable for non-airtight equipment, such as adjustable potentiometers, inductors, switches, etc. Water vapor is not easy to be discharged into the equipment, or even damage the ring components.

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Water washing technology can be divided into two processes: pure water washing and adding surfactants to the water. The typical PCBA processing flow is as follows:

Water + surface activity (washing) → water (washing) → pure water (rinsing) → ultrapure water (rinsing) → hot air (drying).
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