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Application of PCBA in smart watches

Application of PCBA in smart watches
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Telephone watches, a new communication tool that integrates functions such as watches, calls, and positioning, have been sought after by many young parents in recent years. At present, there are many brands of telephone watches aimed at children's safety positioning, and the functions are also very complete. PCBA plays a huge role in smart watches, and the market prospects are also very impressive. The built-in PCB can achieve the following functions:

Phone watch function 1: call function


Generally, you need to buy a sim card yourself and put it on your watch, and the sim card also needs to enable the data flow function. This depends on the requirements of each brand. After the user binds to the watch through the mobile phone APP, set the address book of the watch so that the watch and the mobile phone can call each other. Generally, the watch has a built-in speaker, and the sound is very clear. When a child wears the wrist to talk, basically he can talk normally without being close to his ear. In addition, after setting the watch contact, generally unfamiliar calls will be rejected, which is to prevent children from receiving bad calls.

Phone watch function 2: one-key call for help

When the child encounters an emergency, you can press the call for help button. At this time, the watch will immediately call the emergency contact, and send a text message and APP notification to tell the parent that the parent will receive the call as soon as possible, and it can be displayed on the APP map. See the latest position of the child.

Phone watch function three: positioning function
At present, mainstream watches will use American GPS, and some brands use China's Beidou positioning. No matter which positioning system is used, the current positioning errors are not much different and are basically relatively accurate. However, this positioning system can only be used outdoors, and basically cannot be used when it is indoors. Therefore, some brands use SuperLBSTM positioning combined with parents' mobile phone WIFI to solve the problem of indoor positioning. At present, the country has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection and greater efforts in link governance. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for PCB factories. If PCB factories are determined to solve the problem of environmental pollution, then FPC flexible circuit board products can be at the forefront of the market, and PCB factories can get opportunities for further development.
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