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What are the main points of PCBA's main basic workflow?

What are the main points of PCBA's main basic workflow?
   What are the main points of reasonable planning and design of PCB circuit boards? Let’s take a look with the editor below.
We all know that in SMT chip processing, reasonable planning and design of PCB circuit boards is a key step to ensure the quality of the chip processing products. What are the main points of the main basic workflow? PCBA processing manufacturers will tell you all :

  The main points of reasonable planning and design of PCB circuit boards

  The planning of the circuit board. It is mainly to plan the physical size of the PCB board, the package form of the component, the component installation method, and the layer structure (that is, the choice of single-layer board, double-layer board and multi-layer board).

   is used for parameter setting. Mainly refers to the working environment parameter setting and the working layer parameter setting. Setting the PCB environmental parameters correctly and reasonably can bring great convenience to the design of the circuit board and improve work efficiency.


  Component layout and adjustment. This is a relatively important task in PCB design, which directly affects the subsequent wiring and division of the internal electrical layer, so it needs to be treated carefully. After the current period of work is ready, the net list can be imported into the pcb, or the net list can be imported directly in the table map by updating the PCB. You can use the Proteldxp software with its own automatic layout function, but the effect of the automatic layout function is often not ideal, and manual layout should generally be used, especially for complex circuits and components with special requirements.

   Wiring rule setting. Mainly to set various specifications of circuit wiring, wire width, parallel line spacing, safety spacing between wires and pads, and via size, etc., no matter what wiring method is adopted, wiring rules are an indispensable step, good The wiring rules can ensure the safety of the circuit board wiring, and meet the requirements of the production process, saving costs.

   Wiring and adjustment. The system provides automatic wiring, but it often fails to meet the designer's requirements. In actual applications, designers often rely on manual wiring, or partial automatic wiring combined with manual interactive wiring to complete the wiring work. Special attention should be paid to the characteristics of layout and wiring and PCB circuit boards with internal electrical layers. Although layout and wiring are in order, the layout of the circuit board is often adjusted according to the needs of wiring and internal electrical layer division in the design project, or According to the layout adjustment wiring, between them is a process of mutual consideration and mutual adjustment.

These are the main points for reasonable planning and design of PCBA circuit boards, as well as document processing work such as report output and saving and printing. These files can be used to check and modify PCB circuit boards, and can also be used as a list of purchased components. Make these details. Only by working can we better guarantee the quality of the products. If we encounter problems, we can deal with them in time.