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The problem of easy cracking of PCBA processing capacitors

The problem of easy cracking of PCBA processing capacitors
    In the PCBA process, most of the analysis of ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are easy to crack. In the end, most of the analysis is summarized as "caused by stress." However, the editor always has a question in mind, that is, the same model of MLCC. When coming from different suppliers, their tolerance to stress is sometimes completely different. What are the reasons for the different stress tolerance of the same MLCC specification?

   Will there be such a question? This is because the editor has touched the MLCC of the main supplier (1st source) several times without any problems, but when the replacement material of the second supplier (2nd source) was imported, the product was taken to DQ to perform the "high drop impact test ( “Impact drop test)” will find that some of the second supplier’s MLCCs have a certain percentage of rupture problems. Going back to the main supplier’s MLCC to perform a drop test, no rupture problems have been found.

     Therefore, after I made some observations on the MLCCs of different suppliers, I found that the welding end dimensions of the MLCCs of each supplier are actually a little different, and some even have some differences in length, width and height. I strongly suspect , This MLCC welding end size has a positive correlation with its stress tolerance.

    The figure below shows the actual measurement of the size of MLCC ceramic capacitors from two different suppliers. It can be found that the welding end of the MLCC on the left hand side is relatively large. Although the size in the middle of the two end points is relatively large, the welding end of the MLCC on the right hand side is actually round. It is arc-shaped, so the actual size in the middle of the two ends is relatively long.


      When the PCBA is deformed and bent, the longer the middle dimension of the two welding end points of the MLCC, the greater the force distance, the greater the stress, and the easier it is to break. We are not an agent

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