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PCBA requirements for solder paste and SMT proofing price
PCBA requirements for solder paste and SMT proofing price

PCBA requirements for solder paste and SMT proofing price


1. What are the requirements for solder paste during PCBA proofing?

Nowadays, when it comes to PCBA, many people are not so familiar with it, because the scope of its application is relatively small. However, if we are involved in relevant aspects, more or less still need to have a certain understanding. In this regard, the next PCBA factory will come to discuss with you what are the requirements for solder paste in the PCBA proofing process.

1. Metal content

When we conduct PCBA proofing, we must use solder paste, and the metal content in it generally needs to be controlled within an appropriate range. When the metal content increases, the viscosity of the solder paste increases, which can effectively resist the force generated by vaporization during the preheating process.

2. Degree of oxidation of metal powder

In addition, if the oxidation degree of the metal powder in the solder paste is higher, the resistance of the metal powder bonding during soldering will be greater, and the solder paste will not easily penetrate between the pad and the component, which will reduce the solderability. Therefore, we must be careful during the entire operation.

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3. The amount and activity of flux

Finally, in the PCBA proofing process, if the amount of solder in the solder paste is too much, it will cause local collapse of the solder paste, which makes the solder balls easy to produce. Therefore, we must know how to control its amount within an appropriate range, so as to be more conducive to the entire operation.

The above is an introduction to the requirements of solder paste in the PCBA proofing process. I hope that after reading it, you can have a more in-depth understanding and understanding of it.

2. What are the factors affecting the price of SMT patch proofing?

At present, there are many SMT patch proofing manufacturers on the market, and many customers will select a few for inspection when choosing a manufacturer. Sometimes they will find that the prices of SMT patch proofing are not consistent with the prices of different manufacturers. Then what are the reasons for the price difference? ? Below, the editor will take you to understand the price influence factors of SMT patch proofing, so that you can make the best choice.

First of all, the price difference of SMT patch proofing is mainly determined by product quality. Some large-scale and reputable manufacturers have more sophisticated equipment, use more advanced processing materials and processing techniques, and produce better quality products. Therefore, The quotation will be relatively higher than the market average. In fact, for the majority of customers, you get what you pay for. You can make a choice according to your own preferences.

Secondly, the price of SMT patch proofing is determined by the large-scale production batch. Because SMT patch proofing requires a certain start-up cost, that is to say, the small-batch SMT patch proofing business also requires a lot of equipment and labor losses. Therefore, compared with the large-volume SMT patch proofing, the small batch SMT patch proofing tends to be more expensive on average in unit price, which is also in line with industry billing standards.

Third, the price of SMT patch proofing is still determined by market conditions. At present, the profit of the production and processing industry is generally not high, and the market competition is very fierce. Therefore, many manufacturers will give relatively low quotations. However, the majority of customers need to keep their eyes open when choosing, and choose those with excellent reputation in the industry.

There are many factors affecting the price of SMT patch proofing. In addition to the above items, the accuracy and production efficiency of SMT patch proofing are also the main considerations when choosing a manufacturer. Generally speaking, the equipment selected by large-scale manufacturers is relatively advanced, and the technology and craftsmanship are relatively passable. It is relatively safe to choose, and it will also help protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in the later stage.