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PCBA proofing principle and SMT patch commissioning process
PCBA proofing principle and SMT patch commissioning process

PCBA proofing principle and SMT patch commissioning process


Nowadays, in order to focus more on product design, R&D and market analysis, many electronic product companies often hand over the electronic manufacturing process to PCBA processing suppliers. The testing of samples is very critical. As a processing supplier, we have our own principles when conducting PCBA proofing. Let me introduce you in detail below, so that everyone has a further understanding and understanding of PCBA proofing.

First, the PCBA proofing time is not easy to control. It usually takes 5 to 15 days. If the processing supplier’s technology is not good, the time will be longer, which will have a great impact on the project. Therefore, the selection of processing suppliers also needs to be strictly selected, even if the cost of proofing is relatively high, it is necessary to choose the manufacturer with guaranteed quality and the shortest time.

Second, for the design plan, electronic product design companies need to follow certain specifications as much as possible, such as how many cooling holes need to be reserved for circuit board design,

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where is the marking position of the silk screen, what are the requirements for the process in the Gerber file, etc. All need to be clearly stated in the design plan. The purpose of this is to allow the electronic manufacturer to understand the plan and to operate in accordance with the content of the plan. This greatly reduces the time for electronic manufacturers to communicate with the company and improves The production efficiency of PCBA proofing.

Third, the number of PCBA proofs needs to be maximized, because project managers and even market employees need prototypes, and also need to consider the possibility of burn-in during the ongoing test, so the number of proofs needs to be done more according to the actual situation. Come out some.

In short, there are certain principles that need to be followed for PCBA proofing. Whether it is an electronic product design company or a processing supplier, abide by each other's own principles, and the cooperation between the two parties can be more stable and smooth, and can maximize the smooth progress of the project.

2. What is the commissioning process of SMT patch proofing?

First, customers who need to entrust SMT patch proofing business can provide their own specific proofing requirements and model conditions so that the proofing processing factory can have a preliminary understanding. Then the processing plant will connect with the majority of customers, and negotiate and agree on the quotation. This is a procedure that must be passed in order to be able to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.

Second, after the customer confirms the price, you can sign a commission agreement and officially start the proofing operation. Since SMT patch proofing is suitable for different electronic equipment and components, the processing plant will also perform the production operation according to the actual needs of the customer. Scientific adjustments, and meet the needs of large-volume proofing customers.

Third, individual defective products may occur due to various subjective and objective reasons during the SMT patch proofing process, which is very normal. Therefore, after the proofing process, the processing plant will carefully check the specific proofing results, and rework the individual problems. In the end, all SMT patch proof finished products can be delivered to customers in accordance with the method agreed in the agreement after passing the inspection.

When customers choose SMT patch proofing processing plants, they should consider the overall level of processing quality and the level of related services provided by the manufacturer. Especially for some special-shaped components with special requirements, it is relatively complicated to perform SMT patch proofing. It is best for customers to properly communicate with the processing plant in advance to ensure the quality of the final product.