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The problem of PCBA proofing manufacturers and SMT proofing
The problem of PCBA proofing manufacturers and SMT proofing

The problem of PCBA proofing manufacturers and SMT proofing


1. How to choose a reliable PCBA proofing manufacturer?

Many electronic product companies tend to fully outsource the electronic manufacturing process in order to focus more on product design and research and development. They will hand over the designed PCB file and BOM list to the PCBA proofing manufacturer. The choice of the PCBA proofing manufacturer is very important. Here is a detailed introduction to how to choose a reliable PCBA proofing manufacturer.

First, the PCBA proofing process is more complicated and requires the coordination and cooperation of various departments. Therefore, when choosing a PCBA proofing manufacturer, you need to ensure that the manufacturer has the strength to conduct PCBA proofing. A lot of advanced equipment is needed for PCBA proofing, and it is also necessary to check whether the manufacturer’s processing equipment is complete and professional. In addition, it is also necessary to determine whether the manufacturer has the strength of quality control.

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Second, as everyone knows, PCBA proofing manufacturers provide processing services, not actual products. So when choosing PCBA proofing manufacturers, what needs to be investigated is their service consciousness. When a customer encounters a problem, can they respond quickly, and can they solve the problem in a timely manner?

Third, if it is a professional and regular PCBA proofing manufacturer, their experience is very rich, they are very familiar with PCBA proofing, and the quality of the products manufactured is very high.

Fourth, when choosing PCBA proofing manufacturers, many companies will also consider the price factor. Some PCBA proofing prices are relatively high, and some give a relatively low price, but it is not that the lower the price, the better. After all, what you pay for is what you pay for, and manufacturers who offer too low a price cannot guarantee the quality of their products. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate PCBA proofing manufacturer according to your own situation.

If you choose a PCBA proofing manufacturer according to the above selection techniques, the chances of finding a reliable PCBA proofing manufacturer are very high. Cooperating with these professional and regular manufacturers will be more assured of their services. Such a manufacturer is trustworthy.

2. What problems may be encountered in SMT fast proofing?

First, before SMT quick proofing, if the preheating temperature is not well controlled, the temperature is set too low, and the preheating time is too short, it is easy to cause the solder paste on both ends of the electronic components to not be able to melt at the same time. If the tension is unbalanced, the possibility of tension imbalance will be very high, so it is very important to set the temperature of the warm-up period.

Second, if the SMT quick proofing experience is not proficient, there may be very big problems. If the pad size is not selected properly, it is easy to make the component stand up, or it may directly float the component onto the liquid solder, which will cause the proofing to fail. Therefore, in order to effectively avoid this situation, the symmetry of the pads at both ends of the component must be maintained.

Third, if the temperature is not well controlled during the placement process, the melting time of the solder paste at both ends will be different, which will easily cause the component to shift. If the shift is not serious, it will be automatically during the reflow process. Make corrections. If the deviation is severe, the component will stand up, which will cause the entire proofing to fail.

The above are the problems that may arise in the process of SMT fast proofing. If you can understand these contents, I believe that everyone can avoid such situations to a large extent when doing proofing. If you want to be successful, you need to pay attention to these problems., You also need to develop your own skills more proficiently.