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PCBA foundry material prices and PCBA patch notes
PCBA foundry material prices and PCBA patch notes

PCBA foundry material prices and PCBA patch notes


1. Factors that need to be considered in the price of PCBA foundry materials

The price of PCBA foundry materials needs to be considered in many aspects. In addition, we need to understand its benefits. I believe many people are also more interested. Next, I will take everyone to take a look at the factors that need to be considered regarding the price of PCBA processing materials, and what are the benefits of PCBA foundry materials. I hope that everyone will find it helpful.

1. Factors that need to be considered in the price of PCBA foundry materials

1. The versatility of PCBA processing materials

The versatility of materials includes two types:

One is that the material has a common standard in the industry.

The second is that there is no universal standard for this material in the material industry and needs to be customized. In this case, how to improve the versatility of the material.

2. The complexity of PCBA processing product portfolio

The complexity of the product portfolio, on the one hand refers to the number of products the company provides, on the other hand refers to the same product offering different specifications, models and colors, as well as many other options.

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3. The scale of PCBA processing

Large patch processing plants and distribution centers must match the shipments of large products to achieve economies of scale and profitability. Small electronics manufacturing plants and distribution centers need to correspond to shipments that match their own scale. If they match large wholesale Goods products are often due to overtime and operation.

Second, the benefits of PCBA foundry materials

1. PCBA foundry materials can reduce the cost of purchasing materials. PCBA scheme design and PCBA proofing foundries process the electronic materials of each unit. The purchase of materials is large, and there are special fixed material suppliers. The suppliers are in order to be able to long-term In cooperation with major manufacturers, the land will provide the lowest prices, which most people cannot buy.

2. PCBA foundry material can reduce warehouse area. If you need to purchase a large amount of raw materials, you have to prepare a warehouse for storage, and you need to occupy the cost of the warehouse. There are also a large number of raw materials in the warehouse, and a dedicated person is required to manage them. These are all costs.

3. PCBA foundry materials can save money for buying machinery and equipment, and use the money where it is needed more. The whole process of PCBA also requires various precision processing equipment and various testing equipment. If you process it yourself, you will have to purchase these equipment, which will cost a lot of money. After processing, these equipments are left in a sluggish state, which is a waste.

Two, PCBA patch processing matters needing attention

  The main purpose of SMT processing is to accurately install surface mount components on the fixed position of PCBA. What should we pay attention to when performing SMT processing? Let's take a look at it with you.

Matters needing attention in patch processing

1. There should not be any food or drink in the PCBA work area, smoking is prohibited, no sundries unrelated to work should be placed, and the workbench should be kept clean and tidy.

2. Regularly check EOS/ESD workbenches to confirm that they can work normally (anti-static). The various dangers of EOS/ESD components can be caused by incorrect grounding methods or oxides in the ground connection parts. Therefore, special protection should be given to the "third line" grounding terminal joints.

3. It is forbidden to stack PCBA, otherwise physical damage will occur. There should be various types of special brackets on the assembly work surface, and they should be placed according to their types.

4. During PCBA patch processing, the surface to be soldered cannot be taken with bare hands or fingers, because the grease secreted by human hands will reduce solderability and easily lead to soldering defects.

5. The operation steps for PCBA and components are reduced to a minimum to prevent danger. In assembly areas where gloves must be used, soiled gloves will cause contamination, so gloves must be replaced frequently when necessary.

6. Do not use skin-protecting oils to coat hands or various silicone-containing detergents, as they can cause problems in solderability and adhesion of conformal coatings. A specially formulated detergent for PCBA soldering surface is available.

7. In PCBA patch processing, these operating rules should be strictly followed, and the correct operation can ensure the final use quality of the product, and reduce the damage of the components and reduce the cost.

8. Components and PCBA that are sensitive to EOS/ESD must be marked with appropriate EOS/ESD marks to avoid confusion with other components. In addition, in order to prevent ESD and EOS from endangering sensitive components, all operations, assembly and testing must be completed on a workbench that can control static electricity.