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About PCBA OEM medical equipment introduction
About PCBA OEM medical equipment introduction

About PCBA OEM medical equipment introduction


1. Cases of PCBA foundry materials for medium and high-end medical equipment

             Some PCBA companies provide medical machinery customers with PCBA mid-to-high-end customized processing services, precision manufacturing, from PCB circuit board production, SMT patch processing, component procurement, patch plug-in welding, assembly testing and other one-stop services.

The scale of the international smart medical machinery market is rapidly expanding, and the demand for medical machinery products in countries around the world is increasing. China has become the third largest medical device market after the United States and Japan. At present, China already has the world’s strongest production capacity for mid-to-high-end medical device products. The number of medical device manufacturers with a certain scale of production even exceeds the sum of European and American medical device manufacturers. Among them, there are 200 medical device manufacturers specializing in production. Mid-to-high-end medical device products, such as the mid-to-high-end syringes used in clinical practice in the United States, mostly come from China. Therefore, as the aging of the population is more serious in all countries in the world, more and more elderly people need to use high-end medical equipment, so that the demand continues.

       The above is the customer’s medical machinery products. The high-end ophthalmic cataract ultrasound instrument is a circuit board produced by Lepeng Technology’s PCBA processing. It can help some health problems of senile cataracts. It is highly explored to conduct high-frequency ultrasound examinations on patients with senile cataracts. The value of high-frequency ultrasound in the diagnosis of elderly cataracts and comorbidities provides a simple, fast and reliable method for the diagnosis of elderly cataracts.

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Second, the case of PCBA foundry substitute for blood glucose health tester

The development trend of smart wearable medical products at home and abroad continues to rise. On the other hand, with the increase in environmental pollution and the awakening of people's health awareness, the problem of population aging continues to intensify, and people's needs for improving medical technology, extending human life, and enhancing health are becoming more urgent. However, in life photos, there are problems such as uneven distribution of medical resources, long drug development cycle, high cost, and high cost of training medical personnel. The actual demand for medical progress has greatly stimulated the rise of people using artificial intelligence development technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of the medical industry.

A domestic R&D manufacturer of mid-to-high-end wearable and micro-medical equipment. Specific applications include medical research, medical imaging and diagnosis, mental health, nursing, emergency room and hospital management, drug mining, virtual assistants, wearable devices, and other medical products . Lepeng Technology has provided a one-stop service for PCBA process manufacturing and processing of smart medical products for a long time since 2014.

 The following is a blood glucose health tester produced by PCBA factory. It can solve the health problems of elderly people and can test their own blood sugar index. It is generally suitable for people with higher blood sugar. Help patients to grasp their own blood sugar levels anytime. In use, the blood is separated by a centrifuge to obtain plasma, and then the plasma reacts with glucose oxidase to produce hydrogen peroxide, and then the test system of the blood glucose meter is used to determine the amount of hydrogen peroxide, and then the blood glucose value is obtained. After these rigorous steps, the blood glucose meter guarantees accurate measurement values. The blood glucose meter needs to take a very small amount of blood, only 2 microliters is enough. The blood glucose meter displays very fast, the measured value is very accurate, and the operation is simple. Please rest assured to use it.