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PCBA Tech - Introduction of SMT production workshop planning items


PCBA Tech - Introduction of SMT production workshop planning items

Introduction of SMT production workshop planning items


1.1 Current status of the workshop

The workshop on the first floor of the production center has a length of 44 meters, a width of 27 meters, and a total area of 1152 square meters (excluding tooling and fixture rooms). Currently, the front surface of the factory vehicle is an ordinary water mill ground, and no anti-static system has been established. Can not meet the anti-static requirements of the SMT workshop, the workshop reserves two grounding terminals, and the static protection system of the SMT workshop can be established in the future. The workshop does not have air conditioning and humidification equipment, which cannot meet the requirements of the SMT workshop for the temperature and humidity control system. At present, the backup workshops of the two lines have sufficient power to meet the power requirements of all the equipment in the car-foot workshop. The entry part of the workshop is planned as a follow-up on-line warehouse to realize the rapid distribution of materials.

1.2 Space requirements for reserved capacity and expandable space

In the early stage of the workshop, the maximum width of the two fully automated production lines is 1.6M and the total length is 18 meters. According to the SMT standard configuration, the existing equipment lacks SPI and AOI, and the corresponding space is 4 meters. The total length of the equipment is required. It needs to be guaranteed to be within 24 meters. With the company's rapid development and the existing SMT placement machine cannot meet the existing production capacity, two expandable SMT production lines are reserved.

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2. Workshop layout

2.1 Detailed requirements

The auxiliary tools needed for the SMT production line and the location requirements of each area:

1. Placement area for fire extinguishers; fire extinguishers should be placed next to the column and fourth in the SMT workshop, and placed in accordance with the requirements of fire protection regulations.

2. The placement area of the material rack car; the material rack car is located in the production of SMT production line and the replacement of materials when the model is switched. In order to facilitate production and improve the efficiency of material replacement, it is best to place the material rack car near the placement machine.

3. Placement area of the preparation table;

The material preparation table is mainly used for the preparation of materials in the production process and the material preparation work before the model switching. Therefore, the material preparation table should be placed near the placement machine, and it is best to put it together with the rack car, so that it can be placed directly after the material is prepared. On the rack car.

4. The small table placement area of the printing station;

The placement of auxiliary tools, such as wiping paper, solder paste, alcohol, etc., should be placed near the printing machine for easy access and use to improve production

Production efficiency.

5. Solder paste placement area;

The solder paste placement area includes a refrigerator for storing solder paste, a solder paste mixer, a solder paste reheating cabinet, etc., placed next to the column or in the four fixed areas of the workshop according to the requirements of the workshop, but it should be easy for the operator to pick and place.

6. Visual inspection area and maintenance area behind the furnace;

For visual inspection and repair of semi-finished products after reflow soldering, a small table is placed behind the furnace for visual inspection and repair after the furnace.

7. Screen placement area;

The stencil placement area includes a stencil storage cabinet, a stencil cleaning machine, a stencil inspection tool, etc., which are used for stencil storage, cleaning, and stencil force inspection, etc. At the same time, this area should be as easy as possible to pick and place the stencil during production .

8. Garbage placement area;...

The garbage in the production mainly comes from two parts, one is the dust-free paper used in the printing operation, and the other is the waste tray and waste belt caused by the replacement of materials. The garbage generated in these two parts should be placed separately for special recycling, especially the garbage used by the printing press. Therefore, the garbage area can be placed next to the printing press or placement machine, or the garbage placement area can be set up next to the column, and placed separately.

9. Kanban placement area;

SMT kanban includes production kanban and quality management kanban, etc., which can be centrally placed at the entrance and exit of the workshop. At the same time, a kanban for the production status of the production line is set up at the end of each production line, so that producers and managers can check and understand the current production in the SMT workshop in time. Status and quality status, etc.

10. Product placement area;

The products produced include finished products and semi-finished products. These two parts should be separated separately and differentiated to avoid confusion.

11. SMT spare parts placement area;

SMT spare parts, including nozzles, motors, belts, cylinders, etc., must be placed in a special area and then used in production.

2.2 Overall layout

3. Working conditions

3.1 Power

3.1.1. Combined with the actual situation of the total power supply of our production center (external line entry type and configuration line size), the production center will be

When renovating my SMT workshop in the warehouse on the first floor, according to the actual number of lines and the power of each line, the power supply of the line is allocated.

3.1.2 6 switchboards and 53 circuit breakers.

3.1.3 The total power of the first line of SMT is estimated to be 80KW, equipped with 1 branch distribution board; the main cable is equipped with 25 flat cable lines, and the cables are laid from the east main distribution board.

3.1.4 The total power of SMT second-line power is estimated to be 80KW, with 1 branch switchboard; the main cable is equipped with 25 flat cables, and the cables are laid from the west main switchboard.

3.1.5 The total power of the new energy line body is estimated to be 10KW, with a branch switchboard; the main cable is configured with 16 flat cable lines (reserved for later addition of equipment power), and cables are laid from the west main switchboard.