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About SMT workshop handover management system
About SMT workshop handover management system

About SMT workshop handover management system


1. Handover of printing station:

1.1 During the handover, the shift personnel must check the number of PCB boards on the spot and in the "PCB Handover Record Sheet" (contents include: date, model, batch size, number of requisitions on duty, cumulative requisitions, production number of the day, cumulative Production number, remainder) sign for confirmation.

1.2 During the handover, the shift personnel must confirm in person whether the stencil is damaged (damage, scratches, cracks, dents, etc.) and hand over the record book to the printer (including: model model, whether the stencil is OK, date) Sign to confirm.

1.3 The transfer personnel must confirm whether the solder paste is OK (whether there is dry tin, two or more bottles of solder paste are placed on the same line).

1.4 During the handover, the shift personnel must hand over clearly the tools and fixtures (including the hex, mixing knife, air gun and other tools) must write clearly and confirm the signature on the handover record book.

2. Handover of operator positions:

2.1 During the handover, the shift personnel must count the quantity of valuable materials on the spot and in the "IC component storage and exit record table" (contents include: date, model model, batch size, number of applications received on duty, cumulative number of applications received, and production numbers of the day , The cumulative production number, the remainder) sign for confirmation.

pcb board

2.2 During the handover, the handover personnel must hand over the precautions during the production on the shift (such as serious throwing at a certain station or abnormality of a certain material and abnormality of a certain FEEDER, etc.), if necessary, the handover record book must be The above description.

2.3 When taking over, the successor must use the "SMT station table" and machine program to confirm the materials in production to ensure the correctness of the program and materials.

2.4 The shift personnel must clean up the bulk materials and place them in special bags for bulk materials as required. For valuable materials, they must be collected 2 hours in advance and handed over to the leader on duty to arrange hand stickers.

2.5 The shift personnel must hand over the "SMT Automatic Production Report", "SMT Feeding Record Sheet", and "SMT Throwing (Exceeding Standard) Record Sheet" on the shift to the leader on duty before leaving get off work.

3. Intermediate inspection station handover:

3.1 The shift personnel must clarify the production precautions, the abnormal position behind the furnace, the precautions for the hand-applied material requirements and the hand-applied material position to the shift personnel during the handover.

3.2 The shift personnel must hand-post the valuable bulk materials when handing over.

4. QC station handover:

4.1 The shift personnel must ensure that the unchecked stacks do not exceed 25 PCS when handing over shifts.

4.2 The shift personnel must hand over the current production abnormal information clearly, and the shift personnel must distinguish between the OK and NG products that have been inspected, and place them on the work surface as required.

4.3 The shift personnel must hand over the "SMT PCBA Inspection Record Form" on duty to the leader on duty before leaving get off work.

5. Material transfer:

5.1 The transfer personnel must confirm the OK production information and the production status of each line body during the transfer. The materials of the products that will be launched must be clearly handed over.

5.2 For non-special circumstances, the principle of receiving and ordering materials is that the same responsible person can complete the work before leaving get off work.

5.3 The materials to be baked or processed must be clearly handed over by the shift staff before leaving get off work.

6. Leader handover:

6.1 The day shift handover personnel must hand over the production plan in detail to the night shift personnel. For some production information that is more urgently shipped, it must be clearly written in the handover record book. When the shift staff is handing over the shift, they must focus on explaining the outstanding orders and the products that need to be shipped separately.

6.2 The transfer personnel must write the following content in the transfer record book during the transfer (the production model on the shift, the production status and quantity on the shift, the outstanding quantity, the abnormal issue in the production on the shift, the material status of the model, the ECN of the model Change information, special instructions and precautions for this model, statement information for this model, information on the next production model, etc.).

6.3 If there is a temporary change of information or the latest requirements issued by the company and department, it should be clearly recorded in the handover book.

6.4 The shift personnel must arrange for the expensive bulk materials to be posted by hand before leaving work, and must complete the processing of the defective products produced on the shift.

6.5 When the end of the job is cleared, if the production on the shift has been completed, the shift personnel must make statistics on the material shortage and issue a "Work Order Material Loss Over-requisite Form".

6.6 The shift personnel must ensure that the valuable materials of the products that are off the line (except for the end of the clearing) can be produced for more than 1H in the next shift to avoid waiting for the machine after the shift.

6.7 Before the shift, the staff should organize the coordinator to deal with the products that have piled up at the QC station (waiting for the QC product to exceed 25PCS) before the shift.

6.8 The shift personnel must submit the "SMT Automated Production Report", "SMT Feeding Record Form", "SMT Throwing (Exceeding Standard) Record Form", "SMT PCBA Inspection Record Form", "Overtime Work Application Form", "Work Overtime" before leaving work. "Single material loss over-receipt form" after confirming the signature and submitting it to the department head for review.

7. Supplementary description

1 There are three forms of handover: written handover, oral handover, and on-site handover.

1.1 Written handover: After the successor goes to work, first read the handover record book to understand the relevant status, production information, precautions and handover quantity of the previous shift.

1.2 Oral handover: The shift staff should promptly inform the successor of some important precautions, and the successor should ask the shift staff in time for questions.

1.3 On-site handover: For some situations that are not easy to accurately express in written handover and oral handover, physical handover should be carried out on-site. After the handover is clear, the successor needs to sign and confirm on the handover record book. Only the handover can leave work after the handover is clear.

2 When handing over valuable materials such as ICs and circuit boards, the quantity must be handed over, and the accounts must be consistent.

3 In case of no overtime work or holidays, etc., there is no way to carry out the on-site handover, the shift staff must submit the on-duty leader for confirmation and signature after making the handover record.

4 The shift personnel must prepare for the shift half an hour before the shift, to avoid too long handover time, and the time must be controlled within 10 minutes.

5 The shift staff must arrange the OK work area 5S before handing over the shift.