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SMT workshop discipline management system method
SMT workshop discipline management system method

SMT workshop discipline management system method


Purpose: In order to maintain a good production order in the SMT workshop, improve the overall image of the workshop and ensure the smooth progress of the production work.

SMT workshop discipline management system

1. The personnel entering the SMT workshop (employees, managers, customers, suppliers, etc.) must do a good job of ESD protection. For the wearing of electrostatic clothing, hats, and shoes, please refer to the "Electrostatic Clothing, Hats and Shoes Wearing Specification".

2. Before going to work every day, all employees should measure their own electrostatic wristbands in the measurement area according to the "Electrostatic wristband measurement operation guide", and fill in the "Static wristband measurement record sheet" truthfully. If there is an abnormal situation in the electrostatic wristband test, they should immediately Notify the leader on duty to change, and the quality assurance personnel will be responsible for random inspections.

3. Employees must enter the workshop 10 minutes before going to work every day, and they must not make loud noises when entering the workshop. Take the initiative to queue up at the designated location, wait for the leader on duty to have a meeting, and arrange the work and operation precautions on the day. Work deployment is determined by the leader according to production requirements. Any personnel should not be fussy about their work (except in special circumstances, but they need to be confirmed by supervisors).

4. After returning to their jobs, personnel need to handover with the previous shift, and inquire about the previous shift’s production status, equipment status, material status, and dumping status. The previous shift should truthfully reflect the production status of the shift.

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The handover must ensure that the materials and output data are clear and unambiguous. Keep your voice as low as possible during the handover. Loud noises, laughter, and quarrels are strictly prohibited. When there are disagreements and disputes, the leaders of the two shifts will coordinate and deal with them.

5. The shift personnel need to clean their 5S responsibility area 10 minutes before leaving work every day, including cleaning the floor, wiping dust on the surface of the machine, and the public areas are rotated by each team. The operator must clean up the bulk materials in the on-duty dumping box and the shredded paper tape in the waste box in time. The bulk materials must be handled in strict accordance with the "Bulk Material Management Regulations".

6. The on-duty leader conducts on-site 5S inspections every day, the supervisor does random inspections of 5S quality from time to time, and the unqualified group shall be fined a sanitation duty day in the public area of the whole workshop, and the relevant responsible person shall be deducted 5-10 points for the 5S performance assessment of the day according to the degree of disqualification. .

7. The employees entering the workshop must maintain a good mental outlook, behave in a "fast, accurate, and beautiful" manner in words and deeds, and work without procrastination.

8. The workshop equipment is valuable and must be produced safely. It is strictly forbidden to run in the workshop, and no objects are allowed to be placed on the machine platform. Care must be taken when using the equipment, and brutal operation is strictly prohibited.

9. During working hours, operators are not allowed to leave their jobs without authorization, and they must wear the exit card with the approval of the leader before leaving.

10. All workers in the workshop are strictly prohibited from bringing their mobile phones into the workshop during work. Team members should supervise each other. If any violation is found, 10 points will be deducted from the performance appraisal on the day of execution.

11. Employees in the SMT workshop must strictly abide by the production order when they go to work. It is strictly forbidden to listen to MP3, eat snacks, gather to chat, surf the Internet, read magazines, sleep, etc. to do things that are not related to work. If there is a violation, those who repeatedly teach and do not change after warnings and criticisms are resolutely given. dismiss.

12. SMT machines will continue to produce without stopping during meals and breaks in the SMT workshop, and shall be implemented in accordance with the "SMT Handover Management System".

13. All employees in the SMT workshop cannot ask for leave based on ambiguous reasons. If there are special reasons, the reason must be explained. Those who ask for sick leave must provide relevant medical records.

14. If employees have opinions or opinions on management personnel, management systems, and any other person, they can submit their opinions to the relevant personnel or their supervisors in person or in writing. It shall be coordinated and resolved by the management personnel, and shall not be allowed to discuss or instigate the matter behind the scenes. Employees can complain when they are dissatisfied with the managers, but they must not retaliate, otherwise they will be handed over to the judicial department for handling.