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Introduction of 16 precautions for SMT operators
Introduction of 16 precautions for SMT operators

Introduction of 16 precautions for SMT operators


The following is an introductionIn of 16 precautions for SMT operators:

1. The IC will be handed over after 5S of cleaning at work every day (all ICs with valuable materials above SO8 must be handed over). The number of pairs can be handed over every day before leaving get off work. If you find that the number is small, you need to find the IC. If there is a shortage of BGA, etc. Inform the team leader of the class that day.

2. Come to work every day to confirm the production schedule, and see which model is produced today that needs to be transferred or which model is transferred. Whether the materials are prepared in advance. If there is no transfer, it is necessary to confirm the machine produced today. Calculate how much each material needs to be used and write it on the "material preparation list". Go to the material room to pick up the materials for the day. You must find all the materials needed for the next model in advance, and use it when there is a material gun. Prepare materials. In order to shorten the turnaround time and improve production efficiency. During production, you must keep abreast of the use of materials. If you have no materials, you should find them in advance or prepare them in advance. Never stop the machine there to find materials during the production process.

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3. When receiving the material, be sure to pay special attention to the material number and specification before receiving the material. Before receiving the material, you must tear off a material and measure the capacitance value of the material. The inspector must go to re-inspection (two operators or printing personnel go to each other to receive and re-inspect the materials).

4. During the production process, all the materials on the machine should be checked again according to the display on the machine every 4H. Ensure that the produced PCB board has no quality problems.

5. When shaking the track, be sure to reconfirm whether the PCB board after the furnace has all flowed out, and then adjust it after confirming OK. After the PCB board is OK, confirm that the temperature is correct before passing the furnace, and then pass the furnace after OK.

6.When the machine throws materials during the production process, be sure to check its A: vacuum value B: whether the suction nozzle is blocked or not C: whether the coordinate is offset or not.

7. If there is a problem with the machine or some quality problems raised by the visual inspection staff later, if they can not be solved in a short time of 10 minutes, please report to the team leader for help.

8. The operator needs to fill in the material replacement record when replacing the material. When replacing the IC material, be sure to check whether the polarity/material number of the IC is wrong. The operator must submit the material to the QC for confirmation after the material is replaced. Put into production.

9. The bulk materials of the day must be consumed on the same day (the operator must pour out the bulk materials and pick them out and put them on hand every day when transferring or off work, and try to put the materials thrown away on duty for the hands on duty)

10. After producing a model statement, pay special attention when unloading materials. Be sure to take a box and put all the materials of a machine in it and return the materials to the warehouse after finishing.

11.Other personnel (people in other departments or new entrants in this department) of the machine in the line viewed by the operator themselves cannot operate the machine privately without the consent of the team leader.

12.In the production process, what needs to be changed or needs to be modified by ECN must be marked and distinguished after implementation or change, and the visual inspection personnel must be notified of what to pay attention to and how to separate.

13, Make a production report, and the daily production quantity and the cumulative quantity must be checked clearly and without error.

14.For valuable materials such as BGA, if they are not produced, they must be returned to the warehouse on the same day, and they cannot be placed on the production line to avoid mixing.

15.Operators should pay attention to the loss of IC/customer-supplied materials/transistor/diode, and the loading and unloading must be careful not to lose.

16. The operator of the first PCB produced by the trial production model must track the first PCB from the first to the last, and check whether it has reverse polarity/wrong parts/offset/flight searching, etc. Adjust the problem and confirm that it is OK and then mass PCB production.