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SMT placement machine series operation process
SMT placement machine series operation process

SMT placement machine series operation process


In this article, it is mainly about the introduction of a series of operation procedures of the SMT placement machine

The series operation process of SMT placement machine is as follows:

1. Smt patch preparation process:

1. Top PIN: The technician takes the top PIN board that has been made and puts it into the corresponding position in the machine. After the PCB board is fully positioned, put the top PIN into the top PIN position marked by the white paint pen, and check Whether there is a gap between the top PIN and the PCB board, the production can be started after the inspection is OK.

2. Check the air pressure of the machine: check whether the air supply is normal (0.4-0.6kmpa) before mounting. If the air pressure is abnormal, it should be solved in time and it cannot be turned on.

3. Turn on: Rotate the MAIN SWITCH switch to turn on the main power of the machine, and the standby will start normally.

4. Start the placement machine program: open the MARK5 program on the desktop and enter the machine working interface.

pcb board

5. Warm-up: select "Warm-up" in the "Application" of the main menu, the general warm-up time is 10 minutes. Place the patch after the warm-up is completed.

2. Choose SMT patch program:

1. Select the open file option under "file", find the file corresponding to the PCB board and open it.

2. In the "pcb edit" mode, select "step", move the flying camera to a random patch component, observe whether the component coordinate and the component coordinate on the program are offset, if there is any offset, perform the program Adjustment. If there is no offset, you can enter the "production" mode.

3. After entering the production mode, click "Finish"-"pcb download". Click "Start" when finished, and then press the green start button on the body, the machine will automatically perform normal mounting.

Three, smt patch quality supervision:

The first piece posted by smt must be checked by quality control inspections, and after confirming that there are no missing parts, missing parts, wrong parts, offset and other defects on the board, it can be mass-produced. It is necessary to adjust the machine in time if there is an error in the first piece, and correct the wrong piece manually. Then adjust the component position of the smt placement machine to the best state for reproduction.

Four, smt patch notes:

1. When an alarm occurs during smt patching, the operator should check the fault in time and solve it in time.

2. When changing materials, be careful not to load wrong materials.

3. After smt placement is completed, exit the program and turn off the placement machine. The feeder that needs to be dismantled is placed on the dedicated feeder rack. Finally do a good job of cleaning.

4. When producing φ5 single and double color 64×32 PCB board, because the board is relatively large, it is necessary to install a thimble at the bottom of the PCB board to prevent the PCB board from sinking due to gravity.

The above introduces this article about the introduction of a series of operation procedures of the SMT placement machine