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New SMT workshop production line configuration plan
New SMT workshop production line configuration plan

New SMT workshop production line configuration plan


According to the actual situation of the SMT workshop, with economic, high-efficiency, high-tech content, low operation input and other factors as the premise, under the condition of meeting the production requirements, it has the balance of the line and the fullest technical considerations for future scalability. Meet the production requirements of µBGA, CSP, FLIP, CHIP, 01005 and special-shaped components, reduce production equipment investment risks, and increase the rate of return.

The new SMT patch workshop production line configuration plan is as follows:

Loading machine-printing machine-SPI + OK rework station-placement machine-AOI + OK rework station-reflow soldering machine-loading machine-AOI

Using speedprint printing machine, the PCB board size can reach 500×500mm; all moving parts are made of 1µ linear encoder to achieve more consistent accuracy; suitable for quick replacement of products, avoiding double-panel operation errors; using patented download According to the system, there is no need to calibrate the centering camera, it can detect the remaining amount of stencil solder paste, and it can be calibrated with or without reference points; the squeegee adopts pressure closed-loop control, and the squeegee pressure can be changed according to feedback.

Using PARMI SPI for online solder paste printing inspection, the 3D shape of the measured object can be presented as the real object without any distortion; the Warp tracking function can compensate in time, and can measure the expansion and shrinkage of the substrate. Bend measurement; remotely control the detection status of the machine, and provide solutions remotely if a problem occurs; you can distinguish the production status that occurs in each shift according to each shift, and can also analyze the status of which shift occurs More and improve.

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The use of the in-line small feedback system (PARMI SPI feeds back the analysis data to the speedprint printing machine) makes it a reality to correct the error before the printing press through the data analysis of the detection machine, and use the data analysis of the detection machine to correct the printing machine to make printing The machine can be positioned more accurately, and the positioning error is greatly reduced.

The Europlace placement machine is used to process a full range of components with a single machine; the server automatically reads and optimizes the suction position of each feeder; the smart nozzle can handle special-shaped components and long connectors from 01005 to 99x99mm; it can be loaded automatically The circuit board significantly reduces the loading and transmission time of the circuit board, and improves the production efficiency; the position of the feeder can be changed according to the production demand without modifying the placement program; "Auto Self-Teach" allows customers to pass online or Automatically measure the height, dimensions and lead angle of the component offline, analyze and establish a reliable package within 2 minutes; it has a huge tray with a feeder capacity of 264×8mm; the machine can inquire about the pre-prepared ones when offline Intelligent feeder; according to the different needs of production, customers may need to complete the dispensing or dispensing of solder paste on the same machine at any time; with component electrical detection function, unqualified components can be detected before placement, The production of problem products is solved from the root cause; through the whole process of tracking, the actual activity of each component is monitored.

Use BTU reflow soldering, equipped with independent temperature control system and over-temperature protection system; standard lead-free soldering configuration, the maximum heating temperature is 350℃; temperature control accuracy reaches ±0.5℃, PID control response speed is fast, and the horizontal temperature uniformity of the mesh belt ±2℃; the length of the forced cooling zone is 1219mm, air-cooled; the effective working width of the PCB product board is 2 inches to 18 inches (50-457.2mm); the track electric adjustment width; the track runs for a long time with high parallel accuracy, and is equipped with a chain stop alarm and Speed deviation alarm; chain program-controlled automatic lubrication, and the amount of oil is adjustable; electric upper cover is lifted and equipped with a safety protection switch; static pressure control, heating zone and cooling zone motor stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, can control the hot air pressure at the air outlet, Setting different pressures according to different process conditions can improve temperature uniformity and peak temperature interval time, strengthen the flexibility of adjusting the curve, and avoid the deviation of small components; there is a torque overload protection device between the transmission chain and the drive motor; dedicated for BTU The control software WINCON is simple and convenient to operate; it has the function of automatically turning on and off.

For products that have problems during the inspection process, use the OK rework station for manual repair. The OK rework station is economical and easy to use. It provides professional performance of top-level BGA, CSP and QFN and other period rework functions; it is convenient to adjust the time or Adjust the heating rate and make the PCB surface evenly preheated; it can be quickly raised to the required reflow temperature, and will not cause thermal damage to sensitive parts that cannot be heated above 250 ℃; the dual convection preheater can be switched at any time. Simultaneous preheating and switching at different temperatures or simultaneous preheating to optimize the process time to meet higher requirements for lead-free rework; connect the reflow nozzle to the top reflow heater above the rework part and the bottom center heater below it. Achieve higher thermal performance. The bottom nozzle adds advantages in preventing thermal damage to adjacent components under the PCB circuit board.