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SMT internal production material transfer management
SMT internal production material transfer management

SMT internal production material transfer management


According to production management documents, regulations are made on incoming materials such as raw materials, electronic materials, and internal materials transfer, consumption supplements, and return of materials in the production line, so that the data management of raw materials and production process defective products can be effectively controlled, thereby reducing losses, controlling costs, and improving production efficiency , The following is the specific control method of SMT factory:

1. Handover of raw materials for material group:

1.1 The material controller prepares the materials to the department's raw material area 4 hours in advance according to the production plan instructions

1.2 The quantity of the material preparation work order when handing over the material to the warehouse must be consistent with the actual material. If necessary, the department material accounting specialist shall provide the BOM to ensure the accuracy of the material data. Each pallet must be accompanied by the batch status identification, and the special materials must be separated from the identification.

1.3 If the material controller cannot clearly distinguish the parameter label on the outside of the package, it should be clearly marked on the packaging bag based on the parameters provided by the warehouse dispatcher for verification by the production line personnel. If serious defects such as short-loading, damage, etc., will affect performance, immediately report to the person in charge of the relevant responsible department (material team leader or warehouse director).

1.4 When the material controller and the production line hand over materials, both parties must check the specifications, parameters, and quantities before signing the production picking list.

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1.5 The production material picking list (list) must be kept for more than half a year for checking accounts.

2. Regulations on internal material control and transfer of SMT production line

2.1 When the adjustment of the production plan instruction results in the second handover of raw materials between production lines, the team leader or a special person is directly responsible.

2.2 The team leader who received the adjusted production order initiatively proposes the transfer of materials, and the materials must be matched. If the raw materials are found to be short-packed or insufficient during the handover, the original production team leader shall be responsible for issuing supplementary orders, and the original production line time shall not be delayed.

2.3 The transferring parties need to sign after confirming that the material data is correct.

2.4 All material control personnel in the workshop and the relevant personnel for material picking in the workshop must pick materials in batches and wholesale materials. They must not transfer materials without permission. If there is a plan to adjust materials that need to be transferred, they must obtain the approval of the planning commissioner and the material control team. At the same time as moving materials, it is necessary to make a record of the form data related to moving materials for verification.

Punishment measures: If the plan is adjusted privately and the delivery is delayed, the performance of the current month will be deducted, and the case will be demoted if the circumstances are serious.

2.5 The control target is five-tenths of a thousandth for the light source of the production line, the one-thousandth of the A-type components (such as IC, transistor, diode), and the two-thousandth of the chip resistance/capacitance. The 7S specialist needs to produce daily Line throwing is audited, and those that violate material control regulations are included in the performance appraisal. The operator needs to deal with the throwing before the end of the batch to avoid quality accidents caused by mixing. Do a good job of pre-production cleaning when switching batches ( Clean up and throw away)

2.6 When the batch cannot be ended in time due to plan adjustment or lack of material, it shall be sorted according to the station table and marked and isolated to prevent material loss and reduce the time required for secondary production

2.7 If the production line is severely thrown, the team leader will promptly inform the technician to change the equipment parameters and notify the PE high school to analyze the cause in depth

2.8 Treatment of remaining materials after finishing

1) Entire inventory—do a good job in data management and control and clearly identify it, and submit it to the material group for unified management, and the higher value can be returned to the warehouse (special requirements)

2) Bulk materials-marked according to the specifications and parameters (cannot be placed on the production site), and stored in a control cabinet with storage requirements, which is conducive to secondary use

3. Provisions on material consumption, return of defective products, and supplementary transfer:

3.1 If the raw material is defective, an internal liaison form should be opened on the day of SMT production to return the material, and the "internal liaison form" should be written to the person in charge of the quality department SQE to sign, and the material group commissioner should issue a return form uniformly. Put the return work order and the physical object together and make a mark. At the same time of returning the materials, issue a supplementary form, stating the reason for the supplementation and the department responsible for the supplementation. If it exceeds the police control line, rectification measures (countermeasures) must be attached.

Remarks: Percentage of commitment: 50% for company, 50% for individual, loss ratio standard A material (IC, light source, PCB) 0.01%, B material (terminal, connector) 0.1%, C material (resistance and capacitance, two Transistor) 0.3%

3.2 The person in charge of material control checks whether the data on the defective product is consistent with the actual product. And open a return work order and a supplementary work order.

3.3 The supplementary form should be filled in according to the specifications, and the latest supplementary time should be indicated. After being reviewed by the team leader and section chief, it will be transferred to the department manager for review.

3.4 The additional part of material consumption exceeding the workshop material alarm control line shall be borne by the machine operation and responsible cadres of the line (on the principle of non-addition) or included in the performance appraisal of the current month.

3.5 Material consumption supplementary forms (internal contact forms) and work orders must be kept for more than half a year for future audits.

3.6 Precautions for the return of defective products

1) The return time is before 10:30 in the morning and before 15:30 in the afternoon (the regulations may be subject to circumstances)

After the SMT material supplementary order process has been approved, the relevant data will be summarized and entered into the tracking table, and the data will be filled in truthfully and the reasons for the failure to arrive in time will be tracked by the material team leader. Those who cannot be in place within the required time should be reported to the section manager in time, and the step-by-step feedback that has not been dealt with in time.