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Find the right manufacturer for low-cost SMT proofing
Find the right manufacturer for low-cost SMT proofing

Find the right manufacturer for low-cost SMT proofing


The importance of SMT processing in modern electronic products cannot be overemphasized. However, for the PCBA circuit board to work properly, you also need a suitable manufacturer. Especially if you are developing a new product, if you need SMT proofing to test the design first or need the smallest batch of products for feasibility verification, you may not want to pay very expensive for PCBA patch processing at this time. So how do you find a suitable manufacturer that provides low-cost SMT proofing?

Suggestions for finding a suitable manufacturer for low-cost SMT proofing

Although low cost is an important deciding factor in choosing a manufacturer, it should be remembered that low cost should not be at the expense of quality. There is no doubt that the cost provided by the manufacturer needs to be competitive, because the manufacturer has a strong relationship with the parts supplier that can promote bargaining. However, if the cost is extremely low, even this may become a red flag, because people worry that the cost may be at the expense of quality. In the long run, adopting such a low cost may lead to high costs, because you often face many consequences including product recall, repair, return, and cancellation of orders.

So, in addition to cost, here is a detailed list:

1. SMT patch quality

pcb board

Make sure you choose a manufacturer with the right experience in providing high-quality circuit boards. Generally, if you need a complex circuit board, it is effective for the manufacturer to have the right equipment and experienced personnel with industry best practices to provide high-quality services for your circuit board. It is also necessary to check the type of test protocol followed by the manufacturer and the industry standard followed by the circuit board. It is important to ensure that manufacturers follow the necessary industry guidelines, including providing RoHS boards that restrict the hazardous substances used in the boards.

 2. Verification of auxiliary materials

You also need to check where the manufacturer purchases solder paste and solder resist materials. Different solder pastes and auxiliary materials have a very important impact on the quality of the product.

 3. Delivery time

Especially when you need to conduct product verification in time, delivery time is very important. This is because you need to be able to test them quickly and make any changes as needed before entering the market. Therefore, it is very important to cooperate with manufacturers that provide fast turnaround.

 4. Order quantity (whether there is a minimum order quantity)

When selecting a manufacturer, it is also important to carefully check whether they can handle small batch SMT assembly with the same quality commitment. After all, in the prototype stage, you don't want to be bothered by the minimum order quantity. It is also prudent to check whether the manufacturer provides you with scalability, so that when you have to go to mass production, they are also capable of handling it.

 5. Customer cooperation case

Another aspect worthy of time to study is whether the selected supplier has produced too much similar products before, as well as the recommendation and satisfaction level of similar customers. If the manufacturer has previously worked in your industry, this will be a clear advantage because they will be equipped with industry best practices.

 6. Cooperation

The way SMT manufacturers establish long-term partnerships can also help you make your choice. A proactive and strong customer support team can be an important indicator of this approach.