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How to judge high-quality smt processing manufacturers?
How to judge high-quality smt processing manufacturers?

How to judge high-quality smt processing manufacturers?


  As we all know, the most electronic manufacturers are in the Pearl River Delta, especially in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. However, in addition to these places, there are also other places, such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Rim, and the inland areas. To find high-quality manufacturers, the following points must be followed:

  1. It doesn't matter whether the scale is large or not, the key is appropriate

  Before, many people had misunderstood the choice of high-quality smt processing factories, thinking that as long as it is large-scale, it must be good. This does have great reference value, but it is not absolute, and large-scale SMT processing factories may not be suitable for all corporate customers. Firstly, some corporate customers need to make small-batch proofing orders. Such orders do not need to find large-scale manufacturers. Secondly, large-scale smt processing manufacturers often charge higher fees,

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and there are many orders and long queues. . Therefore, instead of this, it is better to directly choose an smt processing manufacturer suitable for production by your own company. Although the scale of these manufacturers is not as good as that of large-scale processing plants, they each have their own advantages and strengths, and their areas of expertise are targeted and suitable for specific production companies.

  2. Whether it is excellent or not, it depends on the equipment

  High-quality smt processing manufacturers are generally divided into two types, one is to take the high-end precision route, and the other is to take the low-end and cheap route. The former are often large-scale processing plants with a large investment, while the latter are more common in small workshops and individual entrepreneurships. There are only machines, not many employees, old equipment, no warehouse management, and no quality assurance. The two operations of booting and boarding are very simple and the price is very cheap. Of course, the quality of such a small workshop is difficult to guarantee. If it is a board with high precision and high added value, you must not choose this, otherwise you will regret it.

  Three, choose whether to choose to see the degree of professional cooperation

  As an important part of electronic products, the professional cooperation of smt processing manufacturers determines whether the circuit boards can be delivered on schedule, the repair rate and the product quality rate. Therefore, if you want to find a high-quality smt processing manufacturer, you must find a professional with high degree of cooperation. So, how to judge the degree of professional cooperation? From the conversations of the management, boss and employees of the SMT processing factory, you can observe its attitude and philosophy, you can understand its market reputation through a third party, and you can understand its service status through the customers you have served.

  Fourth, quality management

  In addition to the above three points, another important point is the basis for judging whether a manufacturer is excellent, that is, quality management. Now, in order to attract customers, some SMT processing plants will use low-cost temptation methods to attract customers' attention and sign orders. However, in order to ensure their own profits, they will level off from other aspects, such as reducing QC personnel and not equipped with AOI and other testing methods. Will cause the quality of the circuit board to decrease.

  Therefore, when choosing a high-quality smt processing manufacturer, we must pay attention to it. Only a comprehensive understanding can ensure the final perfect processing of the product, improve the performance and service life of the product, and gain market favorability.