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How much does an SMT patch production line cost?
How much does an SMT patch production line cost?

How much does an SMT patch production line cost?


The following is an introduction to how much does an SMT patch production line cost?

SMT patch production line

      China has now become the "manufacturing factory of the world", and the competition in China's manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly fierce. The SMT electronics manufacturing industry bears the brunt. The most important and direct content of its competition is cost, quality, and delivery time. Therefore, how to continuously improve product quality, reduce product costs, improve work efficiency, and shorten delivery time is the main content of manufacturing enterprise management.

      SMT stands for Surface Mounted Technology (abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology), which is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry. SMT basic process components: silk screen (or glue) --> placement --> (curing) --> reflow soldering --> cleaning --> inspection --> repair.

SMT patch production line

Assuming that we need to invest in a new SMT patch production line, the corresponding conditions are as follows.

1. Workshop and environment

pcb board

The dust-free workshop is about 310 square meters, with central air-conditioning. The workshop has been renovated, and there is no need to bear the cost of decoration, but electricity and gas need to be connected.

2. Distribution of production lines

1. Four automatic placement production lines are planned for the whole workshop.

2. In the first phase, a fully-automatic production line was put into use, mainly processing LCD module backlight light bars and FPC soft board patch production.

3. In the future, production lines will be added in due course according to the output of customers and the needs of customers in other markets.

4. The production line is configured with two mobile phones.

Three, machine configuration

1. The first fully automatic production line configuration.

2. Loading machine + automatic printing machine + docking station + high-speed placement machine + docking station + high-speed placement machine + docking station + reflow soldering (eight temperature zones) + 2 meters workbench.

 SMT patch production line

Fourth, the first phase of funding

1. The machine configuration of an SMT patch production line is about 400,000 yuan.

2. Processing fixtures and auxiliary facilities are about 20,000 yuan.

3. The working capital in the first three months (mainly the salary of the staff) is to be determined, and it is estimated to be less than 60,000.

4. The first phase of direct investment must be controlled within 500,000.

 V. Analysis of production value

Assume that the hourly production capacity is (3.5-4) million points. Then the hourly output value is 0.005 yuan/point * (3.5-4) ten thousand points = 175 yuan.

 SMT patch production line

 6. Cost analysis (monthly unit)

1. Take the first SMT patch production line as an example to analyze the production costs and expenses when the full monthly production capacity is saturated.

2. Rent: When there are only two production lines, there is no need to pay rent. When there are three or more lines, the rent is negotiable.

3. The actual monthly cost is controlled within 50,000, the details are below ↓

 Monthly cost breakdown of a SMT patch production line

Total: 59,720 yuan

1. Solder paste (main auxiliary material): 30 kg * 300 yuan / kg = 9,000 yuan;

2. Electricity fee: PCB reflow soldering average power 10KW/hour*22 hours/day*26 days*1yuan/KW=5,720yuan;

3. Maintenance: 4,000 yuan;

4. Material damage: 2,000 yuan;

5. Rework fee: 2,000 yuan;

6. Manager: 10,000 yuan/person;

7. Engineering and technical personnel: 6,000 yuan/person;

8. Direct work: day shift + night shift (2+2)*4K=16,000 yuan;

9. Other consumption: 5,000 yuan.