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SMT patch loading error prevention system solution
SMT patch loading error prevention system solution

SMT patch loading error prevention system solution


1. Program overview

   SMT placement machine is a high-priced fast automatic equipment, once production is started, it can quickly complete the production order task. But at the same time, there is also a great risk of loading the wrong tray. If there is a mistake, the entire production order will be NG products, and the loss will be huge. Therefore, the workshop will organize considerable resources before the SMT placement machine starts production. Check carefully to ensure everything is correct and start production smoothly. However, most of the SMT placement machine loading inspection check is realized manually, and the main sources of errors may be the following:

   (1) The material identification of the material reel is wrong, and the material name does not correspond to the actual product;

  (2) The quantity of the material reel is wrong, especially the quantity is insufficient;

  (3) One-to-one correspondence between the FEEDER number and the material reel is copied manually, which may cause the wrong data to be copied;

  (4) After FEEDER is loaded, the placing order is wrong when it is pushed into the machine.

  (5) The fundamental reason is that the manual operation is inevitable and there will be omissions at any time.

  In order to solve the mistakes that are easy to occur in the process of manual material matching, the error prevention system with PDA is used to automatically check whether the materials are wrong, and to minimize the occurrence of wrong materials.

pcb board

SMT chip processing plant loading error prevention system solution

   2. The function of the feeding error prevention system

  (1) Tray marking operation

  (2) The actual number of trays sent out

  (3) The number of material items is the material preparation list

  (4) Placement position of reel

  (5) Roll placement order

  (6) Paper production history is lost

  (7) BOM problem traceability in the bill of materials

  3. The realization method of feeding error prevention system

   (1) Combination of software and hardware, using bar code technology, the system automatically matches, abolishes manual inspection, manual paper medium recording.

  (2) The system uses a computer system to edit the bill of materials, determine the machine material sequence and material number, and store the material preparation data;

  (3) The operator uses a handheld device to check the material number of the reel and the placement and order of the reel.

  (4) Using bar code technology, make bar codes for the encoded material rolls and FEEDER numbers and post them to identify them. The handheld terminal device scans the bar codes,

  (5) The background system program reads and decodes the barcode data and judges and feeds back information.

  (6) All inspection operations are completed by the handheld terminal, and the background system program judges and feeds back, eliminating manual errors

  (7) All material preparation lists; material list BOM, inspection records are completed by the system and recorded in the database for future reference.

   Feeding process:

SMT chip processing plant loading error prevention system solution

   Replacement process:

SMT chip processing plant loading error prevention system solution

  4. Loading error prevention system to achieve efficiency

  This system can replace most manual SMT loading inspection operations to prevent manual errors, such as:

  (1) The material list is incorrect, the actual quantity is insufficient, and the material tray is prepared incorrectly;

  (2) The position of the tray is wrong, the order of the tray is wrong, etc.

  (3) The system uses barcode technology and automatic inspection function to prevent feeding errors and replace manual inspection.

  (4) The system automatically records information about the feeding process, inspection process actions, random inspection process, refueling process and other information.

  (5) The system immediately alarms the detected errors and prompts the implementation of corrective measures.

  (6) The information sharing of the machine's loading settings can be printed at any time for material preparation, loading, and reference to the implementation of the material personnel, the standards are consistent,

  (7) Prevent the engineering change data from not being notified to all relevant personnel in time.

  (8) The material loading process can be traced back to facilitate material tracking, personnel tracking, and machine operating status tracking.

This program uses on-site management concepts, integrated wireless local area network technology, barcode technology, real-time data collection technology, real-time database technology, human-computer interaction function, pre-set BOM materials in the machine placement position ZONE, use bar code to identify materials and machine ZONE Position, actual operation, use barcode scanning to record the process action, match the system's pre-settings, prevent the wrong material, load less material, change the wrong material, wrong order, missing records, missing reports, no feedback, not timely and other functions, do It is foolproof before starting the SMT machine to prevent the occurrence of large quantities of waste and avoid huge losses.