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smt patch processing: pcb plus process edge is required
smt patch processing: pcb plus process edge is required

smt patch processing: pcb plus process edge is required


SMT is surface mount technology (abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology), which is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. It is a circuit assembly technology in which surface mount components are mounted on the surface of a circuit board or the surface of other substrates, and are soldered and assembled by methods such as reflow soldering or dip soldering.

The processing edge of pcb circuit board is also called working edge, which is the long blank space board edge set because the track transmission part is reserved during SMT production and processing, and the imposition Hawk point is placed. The total width of the processing side is usually within 5-8 mm.

pcb board

In the production process of pcb circuit board, the reservation of the processing technology side is of great significance for the subsequent SMT chip processing.

The processing technology side is the part added on both sides or four sides of the pcb circuit board because of the auxiliary SMT patch, DIP plug-in, and soldering board. The key is the auxiliary PCBA production and processing, which is not part of the pcb circuit board. PCBA manufacturing can be removed after manufacturing.

Because the processing technology will consume a large amount of pcb circuit board plates and increase the overall cost of the pcb circuit board, when designing the pcb circuit board processing technology, it is necessary to balance economy and manufacturability. For some special-shaped pcb circuit boards, the imposition method can also be appropriately used to greatly simplify the pcb circuit boards with 2 processing technology edges or 4 processing technology edges. When designing the imposition method in SMT placement processing, the total width of the track of the SMT placement machine must be fully considered. For impositions with a total width of more than 350 mm, please communicate with the process engineer of the SMT placement machine supplier.

The key purpose of preserving the processing technology side is because the SMT placement machine track is used to clamp the pcb circuit board and flow through the placement machine, so the electronic components that are too close to the track side are sucked and absorbed by the SMT placement machine nozzle. When mounting on a pcb circuit board, it is very easy to cause collision problems, and the production process cannot be carried out. Therefore, a certain processing edge must be reserved, and its total width is within 5 mm. In the same way, some plug-in electronic devices are also suitable for the reserved processing technology, so as to avoid similar problems when passing through the wave soldering machine.

The verticality of the PCB circuit board processing technology edge is the key control part in the PCB circuit board manufacturing. When removing the PCB circuit board production process edge, you must ensure that the processing process edge is flat, especially for the PCB circuit board with high precision requirements. Any uneven burrs will cause the installation hole pitch to be offset. It caused great troubles to PCBA assembly production and processing afterwards.