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The clone continuation and future of high-tech CB copy board
The clone continuation and future of high-tech CB copy board

The clone continuation and future of high-tech CB copy board


1. High-tech can't miss the continuation of PCB copy board cloning

    Recently, movie theaters are currently performing the doomsday sci-fi movie "Landscape of Lost" starring Tom Cruise. When everyone marvels at the high-tech technology of foreign movies, do you think deeply about the proposition of human cloning? Although Jack the clone lost his memory and became a soulless person, he never stopped to find the memory of a loved one, which made people sad! What I want to talk about here is also a kind of cloning technology-pcb circuit board cloning technology. Although this technology seems to be very low-end, it is a magic weapon for us to obtain foreign high-tech technology. Just as Jack’s awakening was accompanied by labor pains, PCB copy board cloning is also a necessary process for developing countries to find independent innovation on their way.

    What is pcb copy board cloning technology?

The so-called pcb copy board cloning, also called circuit board copy, refers to the use of reverse R&D technology to reversely analyze the circuit board under the premise that there are already physical objects and circuit boards of electronic products, and the original product PCB files and materials Technical files such as list (BOM) files, schematic files, and PCB silkscreen production files are restored 1:1, and then these technical files and production files are used for PCB manufacturing, flying probe testing, component welding, and circuit board debugging. Complete the complete copy of the original circuit board template.

pcb board

     Why use pcb copy board to develop high technology?

    From sci-fi movies in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries, we can see how good its high-tech technology is. So, how to quickly catch up? High-tech requires a large amount of manpower, material resources and time to accumulate. Often these technologies are placed at a strategic level and will not be easily shared with the outside world. However, Europe and the United States have imposed a technological blockade on my country, so we are still far behind Europe and the United States in terms of high and new technology. Everyone knows the principle of "being beaten if you fall behind". Therefore, in addition to strengthening independent innovation, China also needs to use pcb copy board technology and learn from core technologies to quickly improve our innovation level.

   "Lost Battlefield" opens up a new possibility on the proposition of human cloning, that is, the continuation of life memory. I believe that PCB copy board can also create a new world in the field of innovation!

2. Looking at the future of PCB copy board from the "reflow" of US companies

     Recently, wearable devices have been surging in the industry, especially the "Google Glass" that represents the technology of Silicon Valley in the United States. However, what is different from the past is that this product will be labeled "Made in America", bidding farewell to the Chinese world factory. Prior to this, many manufacturing industries in the United States began to "return" from overseas. The advantages of China's manufacturing industry are no longer there. The fierce external technical competition requires the transformation of traditional PCB copy board, increase investment in technological innovation, and accelerate its own industry. The pace of upgrading.

    Market factors promote the transformation of PCB copy board

According to the American Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the phenomenon of "backflow" in the US manufacturing industry is limited by political factors, and is more driven by market factors. Cost control, quality control, and proximity to the market are the main reasons for the "reflow" of the US manufacturing industry. These market factors are also the driving force for the transformation of PCB copy board.

As labor costs continue to rise, PCB copying can reduce the time, manpower, and material resources, and reduce product costs. However, traditional PCB copying only starts from copying and cloning excellent products, without further improvement, and cannot keep up with the pace of product changes. After the transformation, the PCB copy board can be independently designed on the basis of digestion and absorption, or secondary development based on the original product design ideas, quickly realize the upgrading of product innovation, and promote the improvement of the overall strength of my country's electronics industry.

PCB copy board helps "Made in China"

In terms of market accessibility, China itself is a huge emerging economy market. Rising labor costs alone will not prompt more companies to leave China, not to mention that we have "high-tech" weapons for PCB copying. For example, the transformation strategy of Donghua Guoxin Technology, a well-known PCB copy board company, has formulated a new development direction of differentiation, micro-innovation and diversification to enter emerging markets. PCB modification, PCB design, BOM production, prototype cloning, IC decryption, chip design, foundry, OEM/ODM/SMT foundry, software and hardware secondary development and other complete technical solutions are all Donghua Guo The service area extended by the core technology enterprise. With the improvement of production efficiency and productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises as the fundamental service goal, Donghua Guoxin Technology has achieved a win-win situation in the cooperation of mutual development.

From the "return" incident of US companies to the new strategies of various countries for manufacturing-"re-industrialization", "return of manufacturing", and "new growth strategy" ... all illustrate the fact that the era of global change in manufacturing has arrived. PCB copy board, as a reverse innovation technology, will usher in a greater stage of development in the future. We believe that relying on PCB copy board to create a new "Made For China" era will come.