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Desoldering and correct use of equipment in SMT processing
Desoldering and correct use of equipment in SMT processing

Desoldering and correct use of equipment in SMT processing


1. Desoldering skills in SMT chip processing

The main recommendation for disassembly of high pin density components in SMT patch processing is to use a hot air gun to clamp the components with tweezers, blow all the pins back and forth with the hot air gun, and lift the components when they are melted. If you need to disassemble the parts, do not blow to the center of the parts, and the time should be as short as possible. After removing the parts, clean the gasket with a soldering iron.

1. For SMT components with a small number of pins, such as resistors, capacitors, bipolars and triodes, first tin plating on a PCB pad on the PCB board, then use tweezers to clamp the components in the mounting position with your left hand, and place them Fix it on the circuit board, and solder the pins on the pads to the pads sold with your right hand. The tweezers in the left hand can be loosened, and the remaining feet can be soldered with tin wires. This kind of part is also easy to disassemble, as long as both ends of the part and the soldering iron are heated at the same time, the tin is melted and lifted slightly to disassemble.

2. A similar method is used for chip components with a large number of needles and wide spacing. First, tin plating on the pad, then use tweezers to clamp the component on the left to solder one foot, and then solder the other foot with tin wire. It is usually better to disassemble these parts with a heat gun.

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On the other hand, the solder is melted by holding a hot air gun. On the other hand, when the solder is melted, parts are removed with a jig such as tweezers.

3. For the parts with high sales density, the welding technology is similar. First, solder the legs and use the wire to weld the remaining legs. The number of feet is large and dense, and the alignment of the nails and cushions is very important. Usually, the pads on the corners are plated with a small amount of tin, and the parts are aligned with the pads with tweezers or hands. The edges of the sale are aligned. These parts are pressed slightly harder on the printed circuit board, and the pins on the pads are soldered with a soldering iron.

The above content is about the relevant content of the desoldering skills in SMT chip processing

Second, the correct use of SMT chip processing equipment

The core equipment in smt placement processing is the smt placement machine. The automatic placement machine is used to achieve high-speed, high-precision, and fully automatic placement components. It is the most critical and complex equipment in the entire smt production. The placement machine It is the main equipment of the smt production line. The placement machine has developed from an early low-speed mechanical machine to a high-speed optical centering placement machine, and has developed into a modular and flexible multi-functional connection.

As a high-tech product, the smt placement machine is very important for machines and personnel to operate safely and correctly. The most basic thing for safe operation of the placement machine is that the operator should have the most accurate judgment and should follow the following basic safety rules.

The machine operator should receive operation training in the correct way; the power supply should be turned off when checking the machine, replacing parts or repairing and internal adjustments (machine maintenance must be carried out when the emergency button or power supply is pressed; "reading coordinates" and the machine is being adjusted. Stop the machine at any time in your hands to ensure that the "interlocking" safety device stops the machine at any time. The safety inspection on the machine cannot be skipped or short-circuited. Otherwise, personal or machine safety accidents are prone to occur; only allowed during the production process An operator operates a machine. During the operation, all parts of the body such as hands and head are outside the working range of the machine. The machine must be properly grounded (not connected to the neutral wire). Use this unit in extremely dirty environments.

In addition, it should be noted that SMT processing plants strictly prohibit untrained personnel from operating on the machine; safety first, machine operators should operate the machine strictly in accordance with the operating specifications, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine, or endanger personal safety. The operator should be careful and attentive.