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The related costs and disadvantages of PCBA in the circuit
The related costs and disadvantages of PCBA in the circuit

The related costs and disadvantages of PCBA in the circuit


PCBA foundry material requires us to understand what are the disadvantages and advantages, and to understand the cost issue, I believe you are still more interested in this. Today, let’s take a look at the PCBA foundry cost and the shortcomings. I hope it will help you all.

. PCBA foundry material cost

. PCBA fee

The PCBA fee is relatively simple. Generally speaking, it is based on the PCB process requirements provided by the customer. This requirement is generally the board-making information and board-making instructions provided by the customer. If the information is complete, it is based on the board-making information and the required PCB. The area comes to making a quotation quickly.

. Processing costs

The cost of PCBA processing is mainly SMT patch processing and plug-in processing. Generally, the cost is calculated according to the number of points. Here, if small batches or proofing are used, some reasonable engineering fees will generally be charged. After all, PCB processes such as engineering documents and online programming will be charged. Both require labor costs and time costs. This part of the quotation is actually the main quotation for PCBA processing, and this part of the quotation is also relatively quick.

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. The cost of components

The main quotation time of PCBA foundry materials is spent on the cost of components. The components need to be checked by the purchaser with the component suppliers one by one. The prices of many components are fluctuating, and the last quotation is placed This time it can only serve as a reference, and cannot be an actual quotation, and needs to be checked again. In the quotation of PCB components, there are some special BGA components or ICs that need to be imported from abroad and the price is not stable. The quotation time and the time of the batching will be relatively long.

PCBA foundry material

Second, the disadvantages of PCBA foundry materials

. It is difficult to confirm the authenticity of materials

Since PCBA foundry manufacturers are responsible for the overall production of electronic components and PCBs, some electronic processing factories pursuing profit may purchase some counterfeit and inferior materials in order to reduce production costs.

In this case, the quality of the material can be ensured by specifying the material supplier and providing the original certificate of the material.

. The procurement cycle is unstable

In the entire production cycle of PCBA processing, material procurement is the most unstable, especially when the components used by the customer are scarce, not common supplies, or the demand for components is large, and the foundry has no inventory and needs to take the way of ordering At this time, uncontrollable factors will occur.

. Difficulty in maintenance

If the PCBA foundry manufacturer does not have strong repair capabilities, it will lead to difficulties in repairing PCB products and a prolonged repair cycle, which will eventually affect the delivery time of the product and cause relatively large losses to customers.