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The management mode of SMT chip processing manufacturers
The management mode of SMT chip processing manufacturers

The management mode of SMT chip processing manufacturers


         For many years of foreign SMT chip processing manufacturers, they have found that they have not done enough in SMT processing applications. One of them is the management of the manufacturing process. Earlier, the editor-in-chief of [Electronics Industry] talked about the process management application concepts mentioned in the previous series, which I believe will be used by domestic manufacturers. So I wrote this article to talk about the concept in this regard.

      Process management model, translated from the English word Process Management. Since the focus is on the manufacturing technology of SMT, Process is translated into (ie manufacturing process). In fact, Process Management-ment covers a wider range. Only the scope related to SMT manufacturing will be discussed.

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   From THT to SMT management mode demand changes. Process management is not designed for SMT. But to apply SMT technology successfully, it is necessary to implement it correctly. Although process management is not a new management technology, it must be recognized, valued, and effectively applied, and it is earlier than SMT technology. For this reason, many manufacturers who have upgraded SMT by THT (plug-in technology) do not realize the need to reform their management. In the THT manufacturing environment, ignoring process management will not cause too many problems for manufacturers; but for SMT manufacturing, especially the entry into fine pitch and the use of current BGA and flip chip (FlipChip) technologies Under the circumstances, process management is an indispensable management tool.

Why is process management so important for SMT applications? To answer this question, you have to understand that there are many differences between THT and SMT, especially the following ones in the second half of the year:

1. Miniaturization-The driving force for the development of SMT is mainly to break through the limitations of the old assembly technology on product miniaturization. Due to the technical limitations of THT itself, the degree of miniaturization has been continuously improved. 

2. Quality factor-The assembly technology of THT and SMT is not the same, and the factors that affect the quality are also very different. Although SMT assembly quality has proven to be more reliable than THT in many aspects, the work in SMT guarantee is more complicated than THT.  

3. Automation-The invention of SMT brings a high degree of automation, which is also the reason why SMT production efficiency is higher than THT. 

The information brought out by the above three points is: SMT finished product inspection is not easy to carry out; the product life or reliability varies greatly; the process technology has an increasingly profound impact on the quality of the finished product; the repair cost and price are high; the importance of real-time diagnosis and correction of production errors Sexual improvement and so on. And these unfavorable factors for manufacturers need to be resolved by manufacturing management.